Stoian Group

We are a Palouse-based research group focused on Inorganic, Physical, and Bioinorganic Chemistry


Our research interests

These are some of the fun and interesting topics we are looking at!

Inorganic and Biological Clusters

We are investigating clusters of biological and abiotic origin

Strong Oxidants

Molecular and condensed-phase metal-based oxidation catalysts

3d - 4f Exchange Interactions

The inner 4f electrons of the lanthanide should be shielded from those of the 3d metal site. But are they?

Activation of Small Molecules

Break apart dinitrogen! Evolve dihydrogen! Reduce dioxygen! These are urgent issues that chemistry needs to solve. Iron-containing compounds can do it all!

Rare and Unusual

Unusual geometries and electronic structures can lead to materials with special properties

Bistable and Hysteretic Molecules

Spin-crossover molecules vs. single-molecule magnets: a competition for the smallest information storage and processing bit

What we do

As a group we have an extensive expertise in Mössbauer spectroscopy, EPR, magnetic measurements, and theoretical analysis of electronic structures. Our students also bring synthetic skills into the mix.

Mössbauer Spectrosopy

Our main investigative tool is field-dependent Mössbauer spectroscopy. This technique allows us to characterize all iron containg species in complex systems regardless of their nature.

X-band and High-field, High-frequency EPR

In-house measurements are done at X-band (9 GHz). For high-field, high-frequency EPR our group travels to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) in Tallahasse, FL.

Computational Studies

We rationalize our spectroscopic data and experimental observations using Density Functional and Crystal Field Theories.

Inorganic Synthesis

The metal complexes we study require air-free synthesis and handling at cryogenic temperatures.

Method development

We are developing new ways to investigate short-lived species by combining spectroscopy with electrochemistry and microfluidics, such as EPR-based lab-on-a chip platforms and in-situ Mössbauer emission spectroscopy.

Having Fun

Get in touch

If you are on the palouse come visit our department! If we attend the same conference come find us! We are excited to meet you!

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    875 Perimeter Dr, MS 2343
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    (208) 885-0966
  • Physical Address

    Office: Renfrew Hall 313W
    Spectroscopy Lab: Renfrew Hall 030
    Wet Chemistry Lab: Renfrew Hall 324
    Moscow, ID 83844-2343
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