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Course Equivalencies for Transfer Students from:

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updated: 24-May-2023
Western Governors UnivUniversity of IdahoTransfer General Education Area(s)
ACCT 213 Acct for Decision MakersACCT 005 Acct for Decision Makers
ACCT C248 Intermediate Accounting IACCT 315 Intermediate Financial Acct I
ACCT CZC1 Accounting IIACCT 000 Accounting II
ACCT D074 Principles of AccountingACCT 201 Intro Financial Acctg
ACCT UFC1 Managerial AccountingACCT 202 Intro Managerial Acctg
ACCT VYC1 Principles of AccountingACCT 201 Intro Financial Acctg
AGC 1 Foundations of College MathMATH 000 Foundations of College Math
AXV 1 IT Fundamentals IICS 000 Itinerary:
BIO C875 Human Anatomy & PhysiologyBIOL 120 Human Anatomy
AND BIOL 121 Human Physiology
BNC 1 Org Behavior & LeadershipBUS 000 Org Behavior & Leadership
BOV 1 Web ProgrammingCS 000 Web Programming
BUIT C268 SpreadsheetsBUS 339 Spreadsheet Modeling
BUIT C724 Information Systems ManagementMIS 350 Managing Information
BUS C483 Principles of ManagementBUS 311 Intro to Management
BUS C711 Introduction to BusinessBUS 101 Intro Bus Enterprises
BUS C716 Business CommunicationCOMM 431 Applied Bus & Prof Comm
BUS C717 Business EthicsPHIL 103 EthicsHumanities
BUS C723 Quantitative Analysis for BusiBUS 000 Quantitative Analysis for Busi
BUS D072 Fund for Success in BusinessBUS 000 Fund for Success in Business
BUS D073 Best Practice in ManagementMHR 000 Best Practice in Management
BUS D075 Info Tech Mgmt EssentialsMIS 000 Info Tech Mgmt Essentials
BUS D100 Introduction to SpreadsheetsCTE 000 Introduction to Spreadsheets
BUS QGT1 Business Management CapstoneBUS 000 Business Management Capstone
BUS QHT1 Business Management TasksMHR 000 Business Management Tasks
BUS VZT1 Marketing ApplicationsMKTG 428 Marketing Management
BUSI ASC1 Marketing Management ConceptsMKTG 000 Marketing Management Concepts
BUSI AST1 Marketing Management TasksMKTG 000 Marketing Management Tasks
BUSI BNC1 Organizational Behavior and LeBUS 000 Organizational Behavior and Le
BUSI LIT1 Legal Issues for Bus OrgBUS 000 Legal Issues for Bus Org
BUSI LWC1 Fndtns of Bus Law & EthicsBLAW 265 Legal Environment of Business
AND BUS 000 Fndtns of Bus Law & Ethics
BUSI MGC1 Principles of ManagementBUS 311 Intro to Management
BUSI QIT1 Bus Marketing Mgmt CapstoneBUS 000 Bus Marketing Mgmt Capstone
C 100 Introduction to HumanitiesHUM 000 Introduction to HumanitiesHumanities
C 121 Survey of United States HistorHIST 111 Intro to U.S. HistorySocial Science
C 168 Critical Thinking and LogicPHIL 201 Critical ThinkingHumanities
C 181 Survey of United States ConstiPOLS 101 Intro Political Sci/Amer GovtSocial Science
C 451 Integrated Natural ScienceCORS 000 Integrated Natural ScienceNatural Science (w/o lab)
C 458 Health, Fitness and WellnessH&S 150 Wellness Lifestyles
C 462 Mathematics for Elementary EduMTHE 000 Mathematics for Elementary Edu
CHEM C624 BiochemistryBIOL 300 Survey of Biochemistry
CJV 1 Database ICS 000 Database I
CLC 1 Reasoning and Problem SolvingPHIL 000 Reasoning and Problem Solving
COMM C132 Elements of Effective CommCOMM 000 Elements of Effective CommCommunications
COMM C464 Introduction to CommunicationCOMM 111 Intro Communication StudiesCommunications
CPV 1 IT Fundamentals IIICS 000 IT Fundamentals III
CRV 1 NetworksCS 000 Elective
CTV 1 SecurityCS 000 Security
CUV 1 Web TechnologiesCS 000 Web Technologies
DHV 1 Windows OS FundamentalsCTE 000 Windows OS Fundamentals
DIV 1 Windows Server Admin FndmntlsCTE 000 Windows Server Admin Fndmntls
DTAN 740 Fundaments of Data AnalyticsSTAT 005 Fundaments of Data Analytics
ECON 211 Global Econ for MangersECON 005 Global Econ for Mangers
ECON C718 MicroeconomicsECON 202 Principles of MicroeconomicsSocial Science
ECON C719 MacroeconomicsECON 201 Principles of MacroeconomicsSocial Science
ECON FTC1 MacroeconomicsECON 201 Principles of MacroeconomicsSocial Science
ECON FVC1 Global BusinessBUS 000 Global Business
EDUC C272 Found Persp of EducationED 000 Found Persp of Education
EDUC D090 Community of CareEDCI 000 Community of Care
EDUC D094 ED Psyc and Dev of Chld and AdEDCI 000 ED Psyc and Dev of Chld and Ad
EDUC D097 Educational FoundationsEDCI 000 Educational Foundations
EDUC DRC1 Educational AssessmentEDCI 301 Lrng, Dvlpmnt, & AssessmentSocial Science
AND EDCI 000 Educational Assessment
EDUC EFP1 Cultural Studies & DiversityCOMM 335 Intercultural CommunicationSocial Science
EDUC HPT2 MED,Learning & Tech Capstone WEDAD 005 MED,Learning & Tech Capstone W
EDUC IQT2 MED,Learning & Tech Capstone OEDAD 005 MED,Learning & Tech Capstone O
EDUC MZC1 Fund of Edu PsychologyEDCI 301 Lrng, Dvlpmnt, & AssessmentSocial Science
AND EDCI 000 Fund of Edu Psychology
EDUC NBT1 Classroom Management, EngagemeEDCI 000 Classroom Management, Engageme
EDUC NIC1 Fund of Diversity/InclusionEDCI 302 Tchng Culturally Diverse Lrnrs
EDV 1 Software ICS 000 Software I
EFP 1 Cultural Studies and DiversityCOMM 335 Intercultural CommunicationSocial Science
ENGL C456 English Comopsition IIENGL 102 College Writing & RhetoricEnglish
ENGL TCP1 English Composition IIENGL 102 College Writing & RhetoricCommunications
EST 1 Ethical Situations in BusinessBUS 000 Ethical Situations in Business
EWOB 000 Education Without BoundariesED 000 Education Without Boundaries
EWOB ORA1 Education Without Boundaries OEDCI 000 Education Without Boundaries O
FDA 4 Diversity and InclusionED 000 Diversity and Inclusion
FHA 4 Human Development & LearningED 000 Human Development & Learning
FINC 214 Financial ManagementFIN 005 Financial Management
FINC C708 Principles of FinanceFIN 301 Financial Resources Management
FNC 1 Fund Finance, Acctg, InformatnACCT 000 Fund Finance, Acctg, Info
FNT 1 Bus Appls/Fin, Acctg & InfoACCT 000 bus Appls/Fin, Acctg & Info
FSA 4 School and SocietyED 000 School and Society
FST 4 School & SocietyEDCI 000 School & Society
FTA 4 TestingED 000 Testing
GBC 1 College AlgebraMATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
GCC 1 Pre-CalculusMATH 143 Pre-calculus Alg/Analytic GeomMathematics
GCT 1 Pre-Calculus ApplsMATH 000 Pre-Calculus Appls
GEC 1 Probability & Statistics ISTAT 251 Statistical MethodsMathematics
GET 1 Probability & Stat I ApplsSTAT 251 Statistical MethodsMathematics
GFC 1 Calculus IMATH 000 Calculus IMathematics
GRAD 005 Graduate Transfer WorkGRAD 005 Graduate Transfer Work
GRAD IDC1 Fundations of Instructional DSEDAD 005 Fundations of Instructional DS
GRAD JNT2 Instructional Design AnalysisEDAD 005 Instructional Design Analysis
GRAD JOT2 Issues in Instructional DesignEDAD 005 Issues in Instructional Design
GRAD JPT2 Instructional Design ProductEDAD 005 Instructional Design Product
GRAD JTT2 Issues in Educational ResearchEDAD 005 Issues in Educational Research
GRAD JUT2 Literature Reviews for Ed ResTHE 005 Literature Reviews for Ed Res
GRAD JVT2 Research ProposalTHE 005 Research Proposal
GRAD RFC1 Foundations of ResearchTHE 005 Foundations of Research
GRAD TAT2 Technology ProductionEDAD 005 Technology Production
GRAD TDT1 Technology Design PortfolioEDAD 005 Technology Design Portfolio
GRAD TET1 Issues in Technology IntegrateEDAD 005 Issues in Technology Integrate
HCC 1 US Hist & Govt, Wrld Hist & EcHIST 000 US Hist & Govt, Wrld Hist & EcSocial Science
HIST C121 Survey of US HistoryHIST 000 Survey of US History
HLTH BCC1 Health, Fitness and WellnessMVSC 201 PhyAct, Wellns, BehChg for HAL
HLTH C458 Health, Fitness and WellnessMVSC 201 PhyAct, Wellns, BehChg for HAL
HRM C202 Managing Human CapitalBUS 005 Managing Human Capital
HRM C232 Intro to Human Res MgmtMHR 412 HR Management
HRM C234 Workforce Planning:Recruit&SelMHR 411 Acquiring Human Capital
HUMN C100 Intro to HumanitiesHUM 000 Intro to HumanitiesHumanities
HVT 1 Lit, Arts&Humants: Anlys/IntrpHUM 000 Lit, Arts&Hum: Anlys & IntrpHumanities
ICSC C952 Computer ArchitectureCS 150 Comptr Organizatn/Architecture
IDE 3 Instr Des/Perf Imprvmt Part IIEDCI 005 Instr Des/Perf Imprvmt Part II
IDP 3 Instr Des/Perf Imprvmt ProjectEDCI 005 Instr Des/Perf Imprvmt Project
IHC 4 Health and NutritionINTR 000 Health & Nutrition
INC 1 Integrated Natural ScienceCORS 000 Integrated Natural Science
INT 1 Intgrtd Natural Sci ApplsINTR 000 Intgrtd Natural Sci Appls
INTE DFV1 Web Development FundamentalsCTE 000 Web Development Fundamentals
INTE TPV1 Project ManagementBUS 000 Project Management
INTE WFV1 IT Fundamentals IBUS 000 IT Fundamentals I
IOA 4 Soc Sci Pt I: Amer HistoryHIST 000 Soc Sci Pt 1: Amer History
IOC 4 Soc Sci Pt II: Amer HistoryHIST 000 Soc Sci Pt II: Amer History
ISA 4 NatSci Pt I:Lab-Life Sci,EarthGEOG 000 NatSci PtI: Lab-Lif Sci,EarthNatural Science
ISC 4 NatSci Pt II:Cncpt & Thry-LifeBIOL 000 NatSci Pt II:Cncpt & Thry-LifeNatural Science (w/o lab)
ITEC C170 Data Management ApplicationsMIS 000 Data Management Applications
ITEC C175 Data Management FoundationsMIS 000 Data Management Foundations
ITEC C176 Business of IT Project MgmtCTE 000 Business of IT Project Mgmt
ITEC C182 Introduction to ITCTE 000 Introduction to IT
ITEC C482 Software ICS 000 Software I
ITSW C867 Scripting & Programming AppsCS 000 Scripting & Programming Apps
ITWD C779 Web Development FoundationsCTE 000 Web Development Foundations
LAC 1 Lang & Comm: FndnsENGL 000 Lang & Comm: Fndns
LAE 1 Lang & Comm: EssayENGL 101 Introductn to College WritingEnglish
LAT 1 Lang & Comm: RsrchENGL 102 College Writing & RhetoricCommunications
LAW C713 Business LawBLAW 265 Legal Environment of Business
LIT 1 Legal Issues/Bus OrgnsBUS 000 Legal Issues/Bus Orgns
LPO 1 Leadership & ProfessionalismBUS 000 Leadership & Professionalism
LWC 1 Fund of Bus Law & EthicsBLAW 000 Fund of Bus Law & Ethics
MATH C109 Elementary Math MethodsEDCI 327 Elementary Math Education
MATH C278 College AlgebraMATH 143 Pre-calculus Alg/Analytic GeomMathematics
MATH C280 Probability & Statistics ISTAT 251 Statistical MethodsMathematics
MATH C281 College GeometryMATH 390 Axiomatic Geometry
MATH C282 Calculus IMATH 170 Analytic Geometry/Calculus IMathematics
MATH C306 Finite MathematicsMATH 130 Finite MathMathematics
MATH C459 Intro to Probability & StatSTAT 251 Statistical MethodsMathematics
MATH C462 Mathematics for Elementary EduMTHE 000 Mathematics for Elementary Edu
MATH C463 Intermediate AlgebraMATH 108 Intermediate Algebra
MATH C955 Applied Probability & StatsSTAT 251 Statistical MethodsMathematics
MATH C958 Calculus IMATH 170 Analytic Geometry/Calculus IMathematics
MATH C959 Discrete Mathematics IMATH 176 Discrete Math
MATH C960 Discrete Mathematics IIMATH 376 Discrete Math II
MATH D126 Math for Elementary EdMTHE 236 Math for Elem Teachers II
MATH TKC1 Mathematics for Elem Educ IIMTHE 000 Mathematics for Elem Educ II
MGC 1 Principles of ManagementBUS 000 Principles of Management
MGMT C200 Mng Orgs & Leading PeopleBUS 005 Mng Orgs & Leading People
MGMT C204 Management CommunicationBUS 005 Management Communication
MGMT C206 Ethical LeadershipBUS 005 Ethical Leadership
MGMT C207 Data-Driven Decision MakingBUS 005 Data-Driven Decision Making
MGMT C215 Operations ManagementBUS 005 Operations Management
MGMT C714 Business StrategyBUS 000 Business Strategy
MGMT C715 Organizational BehaviorBUS 000 Organizational Behavior
MGMT C720 Operations & Supply Chain MgmtOM 470 Supply Chain Management
MGMT C721 Change ManagementMHR 418 Managing Org Design & Change
MGMT C722 Project ManagementOM 378 Project Management
MKC 1 Fund Mrktg & Bus CommBUS 000 Fund Mrktg & Bus Comm
MKTG C712 Marketing FundamentalsMKTG 321 Marketing
MQTA 000 Quantitative Reasoning & CommMATH 000 Quantitative Reasoning & CommMathematics
MQTZ 000 Quantitative Rsng & CommMATH 000 Quantitative Rsng & CommMathematics
NIC 1 Classroom Management, EngagemeEDCI 000 Classroom Management, Engageme
NURS C229 Community Health & Pop-Foc FEH&S 000 Elective
NURS C274 Nutrition for Contemp SocietyFCS 205 Concepts In Human Nutrition
NURS C304 Professional Roles & ValuesH&S 000 Professional Roles & Values
NURS C349 Health AssessmentH&S 000 Health Assessment
NURS C361 Evidence Based Prac/Appl RsrchH&S 000 Evidence Based Prac/Appl Rsrch
NURS C468 Info Mgmt & Application of TecH&S 000 Info Mgmt & Application of Tec
NURS C475 Care of the Older AdultH&S 000 Care of the Older Adult
NURS C489 Org Sys & Quality LeadershipH&S 000 Org Sys & Quality Leadership
NURS C493 Leadership & Professional ImagH&S 000 Leadership & Professional Imag
NURS L114 Community Health & Pop-Foc NurH&S 000 Community Health & Pop-Foc Nur
ORA 1 Edu w/o Boundaries OrientationBUS 000 Edu w/o Boundaries Orientation
PHIL C168 Critical Thinking & LogicPHIL 201 Critical ThinkingHumanities
POLS C181 Survey of US Const & GovPOLS 101 Intro Political Sci/Amer GovtSocial Science
POLS C963 American Politics & US ConstitPOLS 101 American National GovernmentSocial Science
QBT 1 Lang and Comm:ResearchENGL 000 Lang and Comm:Research
QLO 1 Quantitative LiteracyMATH 000 Quantitate LiteracyMathematics
QLT 1 Quant Litrcy:Qut Prb Slv & AppMATH 000 Quant Litrcy:Qut Prb Slv & App
REAS CLC1 Reason & Problem SolvingPHIL 102 Reason and RhetoricCommunications
RFE 3 Research Fundamentals Part IIEDCI 005 Research Fundamentals Part II
RFO 3 Research Fundamentals Part IEDCI 005 Research Fundamentals Part I
RHT 1 IT-Software Capstone Wrt PrjCS 000 IT-Software Capstone Wrt Prj
RPTA 000 Rsng & Prob Slvng/the CntxtEDCI 000 Rsng & Prob Slvng/the Cntxt
SBT 1 Technical WritingENGL 000 Technical Writing
SCIE C165 Integrated Physical ScienceCORS 000 Integrated Physical ScienceNatural Science (w/o lab)
SCIE C371 Concepts in ScienceCORS 000 Concepts in ScienceNatural Science (w/o lab)
SCIE C451 Integrated Natural ScienceCORS 000 Integrated Natural ScienceNatural Science
SCIE C452 Integrated Natural Sci AppCORS 000 Integrated Natural Sci AppNatural Science
SCIE C683 Natural Science LabCORS 000 Natural Science LabNatural Science
SOCG C273 Introduction to SociologySOC 101 Introduction to SociologySocial Science
SOSC C255 GeographyGEOG 100 Physical GeographyNatural Science (w/o lab)
SOSC NCN1 U.S. Government & ConstitutionPOLS 101 Intro Political Sci/Amer GovtSocial Science
SPED FCC1 Intro Special Ed, Law & LegalEDSP 000 Intro Special Ed, Law & Legal
SSC 1 Gen Ed Social ScienceSOC 000 Gen Ed Social ScienceSocial Science
SST 1 Gen Ed Social Sci: Anlys/ApplsSOC 000 Gen Ed Soc Sci: Anlys & Appls
TPV 1 Project ManagementEM 000 Project Management
TXC 1 Introduction to ProgrammingCS 000 Introduction to Programming
TXP 1 Prjct in Intro to ProgrammingCS 000 Prjct in Intro to Programming
TYC 1 Intro Obj-Orient Desgn/DevCS 000 Intro Obj-Orient Desgn/Dev
TYP 1 Pjct Intro Objct-Orient Dsg/DvCS 000 Pjct Intro Objct-Orient Dsg/Dv
UNDF C713 Business LawBLAW 265 Legal Environment of Business
WFV 1 IT Fundamentals ICS 000 IT Fundamentals I
WPV 1 Software IICS 000 Software II