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Changes (amendments)/New Policy

Policy changes (October 2007-present) distributed to the university community: CLICK HERE.

Step 1:

New Policy:  View Policy Writing Guide (link to the left.) - template

Amendment (change): Check if a policy has been REQUESTED for Review (below), if so contact individual listed and work together on changes: 

             Requested APM Policies  

             Requested FSH Policies    

Cover Sheet Form:       (Word)

NOTE:  A cover sheet must be used for all proposed changes to, deletions of and proposed new university-wide policies, e.g. those in the Faculty-Staff Handbook or the Administrative Procedures Manual.          

Step 2: 

  1. Request original MS Word policy document from apm@uidaho.edu or fsh@uidaho.edu. Reference policy number in subject line e.g. APM 50.55, FSH 3360.
  2. Use "track changes" in MS Word to edit policy. Why?  Tracking changes maintains a historical archive of policy changes and allows employees to see exactly what was changed in a policy that they use. 
  3. Assign one individual who oversees ALL changes (if more than one person is involved) - avoids incorrect versions being sent forward.
  4. Follow these guidelines:
    • Rewrite (yes/no?):  Once you begin with track changes and discover that 3/4 of the policy is deleted/changed - it is a rewrite.  Indicate on the coversheet (below) that it is a rewrite and what policy or policies are affected. DO NOT use a rewrite to simplify the editing process.
    • Format: Ensure that all new policies and changes to existing policies are consistent with the policy template (click here) as much as possible.  Note:  The template is provided as an example and should not be taken as a mandatory form to strictly adhere to.  Some policies have unique circumstances and will differ e.g. preamble is used for the FSH.
    • Links: Keep to a minimum!  If you must use a link make sure they work and do not link to external non-UI sites.  Check with General Counsel (885-6125 or counsel@uidaho.edu). 
    • Guidance: The writing guide link to the left can be very helpful.
  5. Download and fill out cover sheet (below).
  6. Policy Sponsor must review and sign-off on the policy (see FSH 1460 B-6 and C).  Enter name and date on cover sheet.
  7. Return an electronic copy of both the cover sheet and policy to apm@uidaho.edu or fsh@uidaho.edu.  Reference policy number in subject line e.g. APM 30.55, FSH 3120.
  8. Upon review and final edits recommended by this office, the policy will be forwarded to General Counsel for review and sign off prior to returning to this office.  If they have any questions/issues, they will work directly with the originator/sponsor or designated individual working on the specific policy.
  9. Sponsors with specific legal questions can direct them to the Office of General Counsel (counsel@uidaho.edu).