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Meeting Times

Dates Time Day

Fall 2019

6:00-8:00 PM



For the whole of the Fall 2019 semester, location is Physical Education Building Gym 111

Club Dues

Membership Type Cost
Yearly Membership $90
Semester Membership (Students) $50
Monthly Membership $20
Summer 2018 Dues $25
Day Pass $5
* Three free days are allowed to individuals who are new to fencing *

USFA Membership

For liability reasons, all club members are required to be members of the US Fencing Association. Either competitive or non-competitive memberships are accepted. 'The Fencing Club of the University of Idaho' (Inland Empire Division) must be entered as the individuals primary club. More information can be found at http://www.usfa.org or club officers/coaches can answer any questions you may have.


Equipment is available for all members that have paid dues, provided we have equipment to spare. Club members are strongly encouraged to purchase their own equipment. Please contact a club officer for information about discounted start-up kits.

Fencing Classes

The University also offer fencing classes taught by experienced fencing instructors. For details please visit the University's course schedule webpage: http://www.uidaho.edu/schedule/.  Select the desired semester and look under PEB – Physical Ed Activity Courses. There are two levels of fencing classes offered – beginning and advanced sections. Beginning class can be registered on the University's online registration system. In most cases, the beginning class has to be completed to progress to the advanced class. However, if you already have certain fencing experience and would like to join the advanced class, please show up to class and talk to the instructor.






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