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Smoke Education Frames 401 Series.Net  

To better serve our community, state, region and beyond, we integrate strong science, excellent teaching and effective outreach. Through our research, we provide science and technology for the wildland fire management community. We teach the leading professionals of the future by listening and working with students and managers to effectively apply science to solve real-world problems. Our outreach connects us to people interested in, involved with or affected by wildland fire in forests and rangelands. We deliver science and transfer technology person-to-person.

Three outreach efforts are highlighted here.

The first is Smoke Management training developed in collaboration and with funding from the NWCG Smoke Committee.

The Fire Research And Management Exchange System (FRAMES)
is a national effort led  by University of Idaho staff to develop a one-stop web resource for fire information. 

Through our certificate and 401 Series programs, we get science into the hands of users through online courses that also help fire professionals gain the education they need.

Most of our research projects have active outreach efforts, and University of Idaho Extension Forestry Program offers many programs on fire ecology, wildland-urban interface and many related topics.


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