Nanospring & Nanowire Mechanical Properties - David McIlroy, Physics

Wood Products & Biomaterials - Armando McDonald (et al.), Forest Products

Microfluidics for Aqueous Chemical Sensor Design - Barbara Williams, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Nanowire Incorporation into Chemical Sensors as Active Electronic Components - Chris Berven (Physics), Rick Wells (Electrical & COmputer Engineering)

Photoactive Nanomaterials for Energy Storage and Conversion - Pam Shapiro, Chemistry

Nanotechnology in Biomedical Treatment & Environmental Remediation - Ron Crawford (EBI), Andrzej Paszczynski (MMBB), Nick Natale (Chemistry), You Qiang (Physics)

High-Frequency Magnetic Films - Yang-Ki Hong, Materials Science and Engineering

Solid Surface Energetics of Microorganisms - Jan Boll, Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Conducting, Photoactive Polymer and Biopolymer Nanowires - Bill Knowlton, Boise State Univeristy, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Microfluidics - Aaron Thomas, Chemical Engineering

Chemically Selective Gel Membranes - Wudneh Admassu, Chemical Enginering

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