This is a start on a small collection of kayak and other designs created with Ross Leidy's design program, KFOUNDRY. Feel free to submit a design you would like to share. Please submit only original or non-commercial works. Many of these designs are untested or approximations to originals, so use with your own judment. I make no guarantees as to their usefulness or seaworthiness :-)

Bill Price

Right or shift click on the images below to download the design file.

Skene Walrus derivative: B. Price - The original design calls for skin on frame with hard chines. Although the construction method on the original was non-traditional, the design was based on a native Greenland boat. This is an attempt to recreate the design to use as the basis for further modifications.
Ref: Norman L. Skene. 1923. "Building Plans of Walrus, Esquimo Kayak". The Rudder, June 1923, pp 20-21;44.
See also: "Wood and Canvas Kayak Building", George Putz, 1990, Ragged Mountain Press.

Skene Walrus modified: B. Price - The same as the boat above with the fore deck raised and flattened.

Ama Outrigger: C. Ostlind - This is an ama for use with sailing kayaks and canoes. When coupled with a 56 sq ft sail on a 10' BOA this ama should allow really nice performance potential. When fully pressed, this ama should be very fast in the water. Normal mounting on a canoe or kayak would raise the the keel of the ama just clear of the surface.

Sail Canoe: C. Ostlind - Fast Tripping/Sailing Canoe. Some stationary tenderness but wonderful stability when underway and paddled by experienced hands. As a main hull for a trimaran sailing conversion, this boat will exhibit fine manners, a solid turn of speed and tack well through the wind. With the 595lb. trim weight it can carry a good expedition load with two up.