Christopher J. Williams
Professor of Statistics
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844

Academic Degrees
  Ph.D.     Statistics     University of Georgia               1988
M.S. Statistics Rutgers University 1983
B.S. Mathematics University of Alaska, Anchorage 1980

I am a faculty member in the Department of Statistical Science and in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) program at the University of Idaho. My principal activities involve teaching, research, and consulting.

My teaching duties involve a variety of courses in the Department of Statistics. The courses that I have taught in the Department of Statistics are Stat 431 (Statistical Analysis) (both Engineering Outreach video and live on-campus sections), Stat 426 ( SAS programming), Stat 422 (Sampling), Stat 504 (Introduction to Interdisciplinary Data Analysis), Stat 407/507 (Design of Experiments) (both Engineering Outreach video and live on-campus sections), Stat 514 (Nonparametric Statistics), Stat 521 (now Stat 519) (Multivariate Analysis) and Stat 550 (Regression) (both Engineering Outreach video and live on-campus sections). Another statistics site at the University of Idaho that you may find interesting is our Statistical Consulting Center site.

My research interests are on problems in statistical genetics, biostatistics, and statistical methods applied to issues in natural resources. One of the topics that I work on is the analysis of human twin data. Another area of interest is the estimation of disease prevalence from various types of data, such as in groups of fish that are collected and have their tissue pooled to test for disease status.

I occasionally am a consultant or supervise our student consultants in our Statistical Consulting Center (SCC), where we offer free advice to University of Idaho faculty, staff, and graduate students on the design of experiments and analysis of data from research studies. One of the exciting features of being a consulting statistician is in learning about other disciplines as you help people with their research. I have helped faculty, staff, and students from many of the departments on campus, and have enjoyed learning about their research. The SCC is located in the IRIC building next to Brink Hall.

The Department of Statistics is located in Brink Hall, on the top floor that shows the three windows in this photograph:

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