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Frank Gao
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844-1103
(208) 885-5274

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I believe that the only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics; and the amount and level of difficulty of the problems given to students determine the effectiveness of their practice. A careful assignment of homework is an essential part of my design of the framework in which learning can take place most effectively. As my students, you are expected to finish all the assignments, which often include a reasonable amount of challenging problems.


My main research interest lies at the interface between Analysis and Probability. In Analysis, my research interest is mainly in the geometric aspects and approximation properties of Banach spaces; in Probability, my interest is mostly in probability estimate of rare events of random processes. I typically use analytical methods to study probability problems, and use probabilistic methods to tackle problems in Analysis. I am also interested in applications of theoretical results, especially in statistics and optimization, and have invested some effort on interdisciplinary research. Here are some of my Recent Publications


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