ECE 341 - Microcontrollers Lab (Fall 2023)


The laboratory exercises are closely coordinated with the lectures presented in ECE 340. Successive assignments build on previous lab experiences. Most labs have a pre-lab assignment that must be submitted before the start of the lab period. The pre-lab assignments are designed to encourage you to have a development plan or strategy thought out before you begin software development. This allows the most efficient use of the time spent with the instructors in the lab. Attendance is mandatory for the entire lab period or until a fully functional program is demonstrated to the instructor or Lab TA. Labs must be completed in sequence and no lab can be started until all previous labs have been completed. Students must work independently.  Assignments submitted are to be the work of each individual student. Any student who participates in plagiarism will receive a zero for the entire assignment and be reported to the Dean of Students.

Labs must be demonstrated to the "helpers" or the instructor in order to receive lab credit. It is expected that most labs will be completed during the lab period, but labs which are partially completed may be demonstrated prior to the end of the week for partial credit.

Prelabs will be collected as hardcopy at the start of class. Lab reports will be uploaded as a single PDF to Canvas

Please read these additional guidelines for information on the lab report content, submission procedures, and other important information!!!  Sample lab report


Lab grades are available through Canvas.

Lab Schedule


Available on OneDrive.