Judy Parrish

Parrish pic

My research has been on pre-Quaternary climates, and I have focused on three general themes: paleo-upwelling in the oceans and its effect on sedimentary rocks and fossils; the climate of the supercontinent Pangea; and high-latitude climate in the Cretaceous. Early in my career, I engaged mostly in conceptual climate modeling and meta-analysis of large data sets on sedimentary rocks and fossils related to climate. In more recent years, I have focused more on field studies on specific problems raised during the earlier work in modeling.

After more than 7 years of full or half-time administration, I have returned (summer 2007) to teaching and research. In addition to continuing the work on Pangean and Cretaceous climates, I have begun new research, with English Professor Jodie Nicotra on the use of language in public discourse on global warming. I am also currently (2008-2009) President of the Geological Society of America.

I am also a commercial pilot and flight instructor; I've been flying for more than 18 years. I specialize in mountain and back-country flying, which is great for looking at geology!