Math 563 (Mathematical Genetics). Fall 2021

UI Instructor: Steve Krone

Office: 421 Brink Hall
Office Hours: by appointment.

WSU Instructor: Dick Gomulkeiwicz

Office: 391 Eastlick; 509-335-2527
Office Hours: by appointment.

Class Time: Mondays WSU ADBF 1002
Wednesdays 5:10 - 6:20, UI TLC 047

Prerequisite: some knowledge of probability

Text: John H. Gillespie, Population Genetics: A Concise Guide, 2nd ed.

This is a graduate course on population genetics. The first half of the course will be based on readings from the text and instructor-led discussion. The second half will be more lecture-based and focuses on coalescent theory. The material on coalescent theory will come from several sources, including Wakeley's Coalescent Theory, Hein, Schierp and Wiuf's Gene Genealogies, Variation and Evolution, and some notes by Paul Joyce. The last few weeks of the course will be dedicated to student presentations of research in population genetics (typically from the literature). There will be regular homework assignments. Grades will be based on HW, presentations, and active class participation.




HW 1

HW 2


Gillespie book, 1st ed.

Gillespie book (ch 4), 2nd ed.

Geometric Growth model

Wright-Fisher model

Some coalescent theory notes

Meiotic drive calculations

Lethal gene drive calculations

Gene drive review paper