Pingchao Zhu, Ph. D.

Associate Professor, History Department
University of Idaho

I received my Ph.D. in History from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. I specialize in East Asian History, U.S.-China relations, and U.S. Diplomatic History. My book on U.S.-China negotiation strategy during the Korean War Armistice Talks was published in 2001.

My country of origin is mainland China. Traveling around the world and collecting stamps from different countries are few of my hobbies.


The most eye opening scene in my office is the Great Wall of Mountain Dew I started to build a few years ago.

Then the wall began to fall

Office Phone: (208) 885-6253


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HST484/584 Modern China

HST485 Chinese Social & Cultural History

HST404/504 Chinese History in Films

HST 482/582 Modern Japan

HST180 Intro to East Asian History

HST404/504 The Pacific Rim

Core101 Globalization

Core102 Globalization

HST101 History of Civilization

HST102 History of Civilization

HST430/530 U.S. Diplomatic History

HST404/504 The Pacific War in Movies

HST404/504 The Cold War & After

HST481/581 America's Wars in Asia

HST404/504 The Korean War

HST404/504 U.S. & the Vietnam War

HST404 The Vietnam War in Movies

HST401 Seminar: History & Interpretations

Bibliography of the Korean War

Bibliography of the Vietnam War


Teaching Schedules


Spring 2010 Teaching Schedule


1.      HST481/581 America’s Wars in Asia Tue & Th 11:--12:15


2.      HST482/582 Japan since 1600 Tue & Thu. 2:00-3:15pm


Spring 2009 Teaching Schedule

1. HST401, Honors, Understanding Communist China
Tue & Thur. 9:30-10:45

2. HST482/582 Modern Japan Tue & Thur 12:30-1:45



The Korean War Link

50th Anniversary of the Korean War


HST404 Special Topic
The Korean War, 50 Years After

In the fall semester of 2000, I offered a special topic course on the Korean War for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict. The 3 year long commemoration will last till 2003. Click this box to learn more about the course and review some of the pictures of this war.



1. Trip to China, Summers, 1999-2000

I joined U.S. Study Abroad Consortium (USAC) to teach Chinese history and culture in Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, in the summers of 1999 and 2000. During the five week long program, we visited historical and cultrual sites in and around Chengdu. We also went to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, for 5 days in the summer of 1999. Following are some of the pictures I took during my stay in the area.

1) Sightseeing in Chengdu, Sichuan

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan, the most populated province in China. There are quite a few historical and scenic sites around the city to visit. Click this box to enjoy some of the pictures I took along my trip.

2) Tibet, Roof of the World

We were in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, for 5 days. There we visited the famous Budala Palace and several other Buddhist temples. We were also able to visit a couple of monks. Click here to see more pictures about Tibet people and their life on the Roof of the World.


2. Taiwan, Past and Present

I visited Taiwan in the summer of 1998. Click here to have a glimp of Taiwan's social and political life.


3. Confucius, History & Legacy

In the Summer of 2000, I was able to visit Qu Fu, hometown of Confucius, in Shandong Province. Please join me to tour the three major attractions of Confucius Legacy: Confucis Temple, Confucius Family Complex, and Confucius Family Cemetery.


4. Korea, North and South

1) Signs of War

I visited Seoul in late June 2000 to participate the 50th anniversary of the Korean War. Here are some of the photos to show what I saw there

2) 50 Anniversary of the Korean War in Seoul
June 25, 2000

I was able to attend the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War in Seoul on June 25, 2000. Here are few snapshots of the ceremony of that day

3) Inchon & Historical Seoul

I was at Inchon trying to feel the excitement of that historic landing moments. I visited a few historic sites in Seoul.

4) Panmunjom, where the two Koreas come together

I visited Panmunjom, the Joint Security Area. The American soilders and the ROK soldiers seem to have got used to the every minute tension in this most heavily guarded area in the world.

5) North Korea, still isolated

I also visited North Korea in early July 2000. Indeed, the North Koreans still live in an isolated world believing in their great leaders Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il. But with the impressive developments between the South and North Korean governemnts since this past June, the two sides on the Korean Peninsula are getting closer to achieve their common goal of unification. That day should not be too far away.

6) The Korean War Museum in Seoul

The War Museum in Seoul has a special exhibition hall for the Korean War. For the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the war, there are rich information and display from both sides of the conflict.

7) Yalu River on the Chinese Side

Today, on the Chinese side of the Yalu River and in the Chinese Museum of the War to Resist America and Aid Korea, the official version of the war still sounds different.


5. Trip to Cuba, May 2003

I took a trip to Cuba in May 2003 and had wonderful experience learning more about this island so close to the US yet with so little known by the rest of the world.


6. Bosslift at Gowen Field, Boise, ID, May 14-15, 2004

The 2004 Bosslift event at the Gowen Field, Boise, ID, was jointly sponsored by the Idaho Army National Guard, Idaho Air Force National Guard, the Army and Naval Reserves, the Idaho Employee Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR). It was a very informative and educational experience.



7. Embark USS Carl Vinson, June 11-12, 2004

Aircraft carrier embarkment is a life time experience and the excitement is beyond expression. In June 2004, I had that excitement along with other 15 individuals from education commuity, business sector, television production, research team, and ESGR.


Wonderful Guilin

Plese take your time to enjoy Guilin's picturesque scenery. All is true and you are in a wonderland.