Proposal Format

include the following components in your proposal:


Proposal for the Family Participatory Project  (Learning Activity C)  Remember, this activity can be done as an entire family project, with all members equally participating, or you can break the activity into smaller groups and even individual projects, if you so elect.  Keep in mind the differing requirements depending on group size.

1.  Tentative Title.

2.  Scope of Project.

3.  Provide at least three source references of potential research on which the project will be based.  These should be print library sources and not Internet sources (though legitimate Internet sources can be used for the project).  Use the CRAAP Test for each source.

4. Identify the members of your family and how each person will be contributing to this particular project.   What will be each person's particular segment, part, role or responsibility in the project?

Send your proposal as an e-mail attachment to:


To view a more formal proposal format, though not required of these projects, see Prospectus (PDF)