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The Indigenous, in Us All

Integrated Seminar ISEM 101 Section 3

Spring Semester 2014

Schedule of Topics, Exams, Important Dates,
and the Reading Assignments


Crow Lodge on the U of I campus, October of 2000

A.  January 16 - 30 - Methodology: The Approach and Perspective (5 sessions)

B.  The Indigenous Communities:  Apsáalooke (Crow) and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene)    The Indigenous

1. February 4 - 13 - First Peoples Creating and Preparing the World for the Coming of the Human Peoples: Embedding the Landscape with the "Gifts" and Mi'yep - the "Bones."   An over-view of the Big Picture.   QUESTIONS: What is the ultimate nature and fabric of reality?  What are our quintessential goals in life, and means to achieve those goals?   (4 sessions)

2. February 20 - March 4 -  Perpetuating the Gifts: How Human Peoples assist in Sustaining the World (Oral Traditions and Acts of Storytelling and Ritual)   QUESTION: How to reality created and perpetuated? (4 sessions)

3. March 6 - 13 - Acquiring the Gifts: Rites of Passage - Acquiring the Mi'yep and Suumesh  QUESTIONS: What is a "healthy person" and how do we become one?   How are our self-identities formed and meaningfully transformed through our life stages?   What is the process by which the "individual" is integrated within the larger fabric of his or her society and ecology?  How are social groups solidified and made strong? (3 sessions)

4.  March 25 - April 8 - Sharing the Gifts: Relations with the Spirit Peoples  QUESTION: What is the nature of and our relationship with the Divine, and how can it be applied to our lives?     (4 sessions)      (check-in reflective write)

5.  April 10 - 22 -  Sharing the Gifts: Relations with the Animal, Fish and Plant Peoples (Seasonal Round and Ecological Relations)  QUESTION: What is our relationship with the "natural" world?  (4 sessions) 

6. April 24 - May 8 Sharing the Gifts: Relations with the Human Peoples (the Family)  QUESTIONS:  How are we to relate to a perfect stranger?   What defines "family"?  What defines a "rich person"?  What is "love" and why do we "hate"?  (5 sessions)  (reflective write 2nd discussion)