literally meaning "enlightenment ('bodhi') being ('sattva')" in Sanskrit


Statue of Akasagarbha Bodhisattva (Chinese: 虛空藏菩薩) is one of the eight great bodhisattvas. His name can be translated as "boundless space treasury" or "void store" as his wisdom is said to be boundless as space itself. He is sometimes known as the twin brother of the "earth store" bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. In Japan he is known as Kokuzo.

"Bodhisattva" has two primary meanings in Buddhism.  One of them, held by the Theravada and by some Mahayanists, is of someone who is dedicated to becoming a Buddha. The other, held by some Mahayanists, is of someone who deliberately refrains from becoming a Buddha in order to help others.

Consider the Chenrezig Bodhisattva.




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