Pilgrimage: Some Lecture Notes

See Pilgrim's Journey Diagram 


Whether it be an individual or group pilgrimage, the fundamental structure that orients a pilgrimage is that of a "rite of passage," albeit, framed within a journey over a landscape to some sacred place.  Examples include the Huichol pilgrimage to Wirikuta, the sacred land of the Peyote, the Hindu tirthayatra to Benares along the Ganges River, and the Muslim pilgrimage or the Hajj (Discovery Channel 2006 44 min) or Hajj (Nightline 2006 22 min) to Mecca.

1. The Call - Orphaned Status: the Goals

2. Departure, Separation, Journey and Sacrifice

3. Acquisition of Power and Knowledge

4. Affirmation and Rebirth: Bringing Home the Gifts

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