Yin Yang


moon : sun

night : day

dark : light

shady side of mountain : sunny side of mountain

cloudy rainy : sunny day

cool : warm

rest : active

feminine : masculine

north : south

winter : summer

right : left

introversion : extroversion

earth : heaven

even : odd

tiger : dragon

receptive : creative



What are the possible relationships between a binary?


yet merged together, "unity,"   "mystery of mysteries,"   "the door to all wonders"?

Tao Te Ching Chapters 1:7-9, 2:1-8 and 36:1-9


Taoism and the Yin Yang envisions "a naturalistic universe characterized by regularity, without divine intervention or causation"

Yin Yang is often noted as "one of the most useful and insightful principles every discovered that render the infinite multitude of diverse fact intelligible"





Shen - embracing  yang qualities, and in fact can have indefinite number of shen, immaterial, cosmic soul associated with the ch'i, shifts around the body during one's life and continues after death as a radiant spirit

Kwei - embracing yin qualities, material, substantial soul, terrestrial, returns to Earth at death.



Four Seasons:

T'ai Yang - summer

Shao Yang - fall

T'ai Yin - winter

Shao Yin - spring



Trigrams and Hexagrams of the I Ching - Book of Changes

Eight Elemental Forces

yin (winter - earth) the broken lines ☷  and the yang (summer -  heaven) are the unbroken lines  





Chien (Qian) - Heaven: firmness, creativity, strength, force, power (south - summer - yang)

Sun (Xun) - Wind: gentle effects, small efforts, penetrating work

Kan (Kan) - Water: mysterious, profound, meaningful, dangerous, difficult (west - autumn - yang)

Ken (Gen) - Mountain: still, resting, meditating, tranquil, immobile

Kun (Kun) - Earth: yielding, receptive, responsive, devoted, and submissive (north - winter - yin)

Chen (Zhen) - Thunder: arousing, movement, activity, shock, growth

Li - Fire: illuminating, clarity, intelligence, dependence, attachment (east - spring - yin)

Tui (Dui) - Lakes/Valleys: joy, openness, pleasure, satisfaction, excess


The flag of South Korea, with the yin/yang Taegeuk in the center, with four trigrams representing Heaven, Water, Earth, and Fire (beginning top left and proceeding clockwise).


Consult the I Ching Board: the 64 Hexagram elements


Wu Xing - Five Elements



Three Summary Points:


1. are we butterflies dreaming we're humans or humans dreaming we're butterflies?

humanity a part of nature - ultimately inseparable


2.  Toa is knowable and actionable via for example Tao Te Ching and I Ching, during one's life time, but not easy - a narrow, often hidden path


3. to extent you can align with Toa via Wu Wei,     Ch'i will flow and you'll have longevity


this is not Moksha, not Nirvana, not enlightenment, not bliss, not salvation, not Heaven (nor Hell)

contrast with Hinduism and Buddhism




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