Ghost Dance


Wovoka "Cutter" or Jack Wilson - "Died Twice"

1856 - 1932  Northern Paiute of Nevada

During the 1880s delegations from many regions sent to learn of his new way. 



The Ghost Dance of the Ogalala Lakota at Pine Ridge, 1890. Illustration by Frederic Remington



Lakota Ghost Dance Shirt 

National Museum of the American Indian




Chief Big Foot lies dead in the snow at Wounded Knee, 29 December 1890.

Big Foot's camp of some 106 men and over 250 women and children.  Members of the 7th Calvary of some 500 soldiers, along with four Hotchkiss 1.65-in. light cannon (also used against Chief Joseph in Nez Perce War of 1877) 

Over 40 Sioux men and 200 women and children killed.  While 29 soldiers killed, mostly from "friendly-fire."  Twenty-three soldiers received the Medal of Honor for their heroic action at Wounded Knee.  The Ghost Dance died that day as well.


Source: Wikipedia