Theron "Mish" Spino - Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon - 2003

Mish at 10 years of age


Welcome and First Elk (1:18)

Ten-year-old Mish at graduation from Warm Springs Elementary, with younger brother "Bear," 2003. 

School  (3:11)

Mish at bat and catching, 2003

Baseball (4:07)

Fishing (5:32)

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Mish with younger sister Dogat and brother Bear, with dance regalia. 

Dancing (5:00)

 Sisters Dogat and Elysia in the "backyard," June 2003

Horses (5:11)

First Deer  (5:18)

First Kill Ceremony (2:49)

 The Lodge

Sweat House  (5:12)

Root Gathering and the Seasonal Round (6:06)


Mish and Roy, 2003

Roy (1:50)  teachings from Dad

Rose  (4:14)  teachings from Grandma

Rob (4:42)  teachings from Grandpa

Theron "Mish Man" Spino as a newborn, 1992


Mish Spino, Nov. 2010, graduating from Madras High School and off to college.

Mish Summer  2010



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