"Coeur d'Alene Texts,"  these interlinear transcriptions were recorded and compiled by Gladys Reidard from Dorothy Nicodemous (over 70 years old) and Tom Miyel in 1927 and 1929.

Published in "Coeur d'Alene Texts," Part II, xvii-xxiv.  University of Indiana, Archives of Languages of he World, Bloomington, 1946

These texts were subsequently published as "free-translations" in Reichard, Gladys. 1969 [1947].  An analysis of Coeur dí Alene Indian myths.  Memoirs of the American Folklore Society, no. 41.: Philadelphia, and  New York : Krauss Reprint Co.

All narratives are Nicodemous's unless noted.

Text 1

Coyote Snares Wind


Text 4

War between Land and Water People

Chief Child of the Root

Origin of the Indian Tribes

Coyote Cuts Sun's Heat


Text 2

Lynx (Tom Miyel)

Lynx (Dorothy)

Skunk and Fisher

Cat Bird

Text 5

Coyote Steals Son's Wife

Calling the Deer

Little Beaver

Coyote Devours his own Children

Coyote Loses his Eyes


Text 3

Girls Steal Dentalia

Dog Husband


Waterbird Contests for Women

Whale Woman


Text 6

Calling his Kind (Dorothy)

Calling his Kind (Tom Miyel)

Coyote and Nighthawk change Clothes

Coyote and Fish Gamble

Coyote Marries Pinesquirrel

Coyote Imitates Magpie

Coyote Kills Cricket

Cricket Rides Coyote

Badger and Coyote


Thanks to Kim Matheson, Language Program Manager, Hnqwa'qwe'eln Language Center, Coeur d'Alene Tribe, for the copy of the transcripts.

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