Peo peo Tholekt


Peo peo Tholekt (Peo peo Tholekt, Bird Alighting, White Swan Alighting as well as Keets-soo Too-lee-kah-cine, Golden Feather)  on right

Peo peo Tholekt was born near Lapwai, Idaho in 18??. He was the son of Peo peo Iy-iy-tomin (Pelican) and Ah-um-not or Wah-um-not, who was a sister of Young Joseph. During the time of the outbreak of the 1877 war, Peo peo Tholekt was under the leadership of Looking Glass. Although originally from the Salmon River area,

Peo peo Tholekt was actively involved in the Nez Perce War of 1877. In the Big Hole Battle he distinguished himself by assisting in overtaking and dismantling the Mountain Howitzer, which had been fired twice on the Nez Perce encampment previously. Peo peo Tholekt was also with the famous warrior Sapsis Ilpilp when he was killed in the fray of battle.

During the Battle of Snake Creek, near the Bear Paw Mountains, Peo peo Tholekt again distinguished himself in a dual with a Cheyenne scout, who wore a full-length war bonnet. He exchanged several shots with the Cheyenne, finally dropping him from his horse, although the Cheyenne lived, he did so by being severely wounded from this particular engagement with this renowned Nez Perce warrior.

Image: Yellow Wolf (left) and Peo peo Tholekt (right). Date unknown