Súumesh - Wéyekin - Baaxpée


With the landscape prepared by the First Peoples, embedded with the "gifts" (miyp and súumesh  = "the bones") and with Animal and Plant Peoples, and we the Human Peoples, in our basbaaaliíchiwé, "re-telling our stories," perpetuating the health of the "the family," of landscape for all Peoples, how do we understand and apply the súumesh powers to carry out these responsibilities?


Where to begin a conversation about this most elusive yet essential attribute of Plateau and  Plains Indian life, súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée?      Some initial thoughts, ideas, examples, questions?


 Within what context is súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée  best understood?     And why?


What is the nature of súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée,   some of its attributes or parameters?     Acknowledging that it defies an analytical definition.


How is súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée acquired?


What are among some of ways súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée  is applied to the lives of the people today, as in the past?


What is the efficacy of súumesh - wéyekin - baaxpée?     Do we have an understanding of how it works from an Indian perspective?


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