Súumesh - Wéyekin - Baaxpée

Applications of súumesh songs, words and objects, along with snqhepi'wes songs


Choice.  But in this world animated with medicine, with súumesh, this does not suggest a fatalistic, deterministic world.   Humans have agency and choice; they can elect to seek and travel the spiritual world or not.

Story Text: John and the Two Caves (EJ)


Powwow (primarily snqhepi'wes songs)
     Julyamsh         L3 Interview Examples  Landscape pp. 211-221


Stick/Hand Game and other "Games" (snqhepi'wes and súumesh songs) -
Story Texts:
a high school basketball game, and at a Kiowa/Crow Handgame, and the pressure is on and a medicine bundle,
World of the Crow pp. 144, 147, 148.        Handgame  (65 min., a 2000 Larry Johnson film, Handgame/Stick Game instructions)


Love Medicine -
  Story Texts: Dolls and In Coffee (Apsáalooke)


Clairvoyance -
Story Text
: Katherine and the Lost Girl (Apsáalooke) World of the Crow p. 145


War and Combat -
Story Texts: War Shields, Vietnam and Pouch (EJ) World of the Crow p. 127, and Bar Fight and Two Bullets (EJ) (Apsáalooke) World of the Crow p. 131


Fishing, Hunting, Camus Root Digging (snqhepi'wes songs) -
Story Texts: John and controlling the Wind at a Sundance
(Apsáalooke) World of the Crow p. 123, and Landscape pp. 204-211


An Indian Name (power of words)  - 
Story Texts:
My own (Apsáalooke and Schitsu'umsh)


The Sweat House - Hnleq’ntsutn (snqhepi'wes and súumesh songs) -
Story Text: a "wounded" and reluctant young man, and his first Sweat (Schitsu'umsh), and what were you doing at age 10? ("Mish" - Warm Springs);
Landscape pp. 220-231 -


Collective Ceremonies: The Jump Dance - Winter Medicine Dance (súumesh songs)  -  The Ashkísshe Sun Dance  (baaxpée)
Story Text:
"welcome home" to the students and "Blue Jaying" (EJ)(Schitsu'umsh), Doctoring on Second Day, and "Water" from Center Pole
(EJ)(Apsáalooke);  Landscape pp 231-240 and Apsáalooke Sundance 


Healing Ceremonies: External Healing and Internal Healing (example of acknowledging and participating in multiple yet mutually exclusive realities simultaneously;    Charting your Healing Journey;    Offering Gifts (snqhepi'wes and súumesh songs) -
Story Texts: "family" at Warm Springs, and
My own healing journey, with Head and Heart ways, and of being "attentive" and taking responsible; Wagon Wheel and Burnt Face; getting down to your "bones," my "rocks" - "Indian Names" and a Buffalo; a gift of empathy and health (Apsáalooke and Schitsu'umsh)


Funeral, Wake and Burial and "Crossing the Waters, Returning to the Mountains, Preparing the Camp" (primarily snqhepi'wes songs) Landscape pp. 240-250 -
 Story Text: "a brother"


So how are these applications of súumesh integrated into the lives of people today - what are their roles and functions?


"Amo'tqn and the Bear Song" p. 35 "Landscape . . . ."

A Medicine Lodge Ceremony Prior to the Hunt" p. 48 "Landscape . . . "

"Deer, Rock and Earth" p. 181 "Landscape . . . ."

"Sweat with my Sile'" p. 223 "Landscape . . . . "

"The Womb"  p. 224 "Landscape . . . "

"You'll Hear a Song" p. 227 "Landscape . . . "

"Prayer of Healing" p. 229 "Landscape . . . "

"Wounded People" p. 230 "Landscape . . . "

"Then We Jumped . . ."  p. 232 "Landscape . . . "

"They Blue Jayed" p. 234 "Landscape . . . "

"Song Is the Hoof Glue of Our People" p. 238 "Landscape . . ."




Hopi Ceremonialism: Katcinas and Kiva Symbolism     Hopi Ceremonialism: Snake-Antelope Ceremony

Dine Landscape Dry Paintings and Healing  and video: Billy Yellow (18 min., on Navajo healing ceremony; notes on Billy Yellow)  and Huichol Healing (17 min.)

Northwest Coast Ceremonial Arts 


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