James Teit (1864-1922) and his first wife, Lucy Artko, a Thompson Indian. Photo: Harlan I. Smith, Spencerís Bridge, B.C. 1897

Jemes Teit, a Scot from the Shetland Islands, was recruited as part of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition under the direction of Franz Boas to do the first systematic ethnographic work on the Plateau between 1897 and 1900.  He had settled at Spence's Bidge, British Columbia, near the Thompson Indians, when Baos met him in 1895.  Teit had already acquired a thorough knowledge of the culture of the Thompson and spoke their language fluently, as he did Shuswap and Lillooet.  As Boas stated of Teit's assignment, his research was to focuse on a "whole knowledge of the material culture, social organization, customs, beliefs and tales of Salish tribes of the interior of British Columbia."  Among his published accounts were:

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Verne Ray (1905-2003)

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