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Welcome Aboard . . . the L L . . . a Little Logging Railroad (HO scale) circa 1910s - 20s

 I sold the LL diorama and most of its rolling stock in the summer of 2018 to a local family, to make way for

the White Pine D&RGW (HOn3 scale) circa late 1940s

But I am keeping up the LL web pages for any instructional benefit they may provide.


created by Rodney Frey of Moscow, Idaho


WHAT'S NEW (March 2022):

Narrow Gauge D&RGW Structures

The fully-developed HOn3 diorama, on a 5'6"x12'8" layout (view a 3 minute video from Trackside Model Railroading). This diorama was featured in Trackside Model Railroading - "Storytelling on the D&RGW" (November 2018 issue).  The narrow gauge diorama includes numerous new structures as well as those built for the Little Logging standard guage railroad, for over 30 structures.  You can run two trains, in opposite directions, around two track loops. 

For free current edition.


A little scratch-built HO "Bobber" - December 2012.



Begun in December 2007, I had sought to honor my Dad by running his "Challenger" and "Big Boy" HO steam locomotives around the Christmas Tree.  He had passed on a couple of years prior.  So I picked up some code 100 Atlas track and an inexpensive DC transformer at the local hobby shop, and the 30-year-old-plus steam engines circled around the living room floor just fine, though not something my wife would allow me to maintain there for long! Well, one thing led to another, and by February 2008 I had drawn up some plans for something a little more . . . . . . .

The Plan and Track Work


Rock, Earth, Brush and Roads





Pond and Streams


Buildings and Structures


Human and Animal Figures


DCC and Locomotive Power


Rolling Stock, Painting and Weathering  (HO)


Tools and Maintenance, and Photographing Your Diorama


(sequence of images as of January 2009) 


(as of June 2014) 


And the imagining continues.  Its all fun!  Your suggestions, comments and critique are most welcomed and appreciated.  We are all a part of a wonderful model railroading community.  

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TM - a good site for getting started, with lots of links.

NYC Track and Tunnel Transpiration - for a fascinating history of New York city's evolution from horse-drawn omnibus and trolley, to elevated and subway rail systems.  Thank you Skyler.


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