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Stephan Flores

Associate Professor of English, Emeritus
122 Brink Hall
Department of English
University of Idaho

875 Perimeter Drive MS 1102
Moscow, ID 83844-1102

Welcome--this material highlights my academic interests and experiences, including courses taught during my career at the University of Idaho 1987-2020. [Note: it's uncertain whether I'll be able to maintain this website after June 2020, due to retirement and perhaps lack of access to an up-to-date version of Dreamweaver that I've used for these webpages.] I also have a UI faculty profile on the Department of English site. See weblinks below for information on related programs, colleagues and students. For the curious, here are several photos of me in the UI library, in the University Honors Program Center (I worked in honors administration 1994-2013,with 15 years as director of the UHP) and in my prior office in Brink Hall .



Spring 2020 Engl 310 Literary Theory

Spring 2020 Engl 400 (s) Seminar: Gender & Sexuality—History, Theory, Literature, Film

Fall 2019 Engl 175 Literature and Ideas: Introduction to Literary Genres and Literary Analysis [MWF 10:30am-11:20am]

Fall 2019 Engl 345 Studies in Shakespeare [MWF 11:30am-12:20pm]

Fall 2019 Engl 356.01/02 Studies in Restoration & Eighteenth-Century Literature, includes videoconference section at the UI Couer d'Alene campus [MWF 2:30-3:20pm]

Spring 2019 Engl 511 Studies in Critical Theory: Gender & Sexuality—History, Theory, Literature, Film

Spring 2019 Engl 222 History of Film 1945-Present

Fall 2018 Engl 429 Contemporary British Fiction (including videoconference section/link to Couer d'Alene campus)

Fall 2018 Engl 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2018 Engl 341 British Literatue I

Spring 2018 Engl 475 Studies in Literary Genres: Novel Heroines (including videoconference section/link to Couer d'Alene campus)

Spring 2018 Engl 222 History of Film 1945-Present

Fall 2017 Engl 456.01/02 English Drama, 1660-1730 (including videoconference section/link to Couer d'Alene campus)

Fall 2017 Engl 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2017 Engl 341 British Literature I

Spring 2017 Engl 222 History of World Cinema II

Spring 2017 Engl 511(s) Studies in Critical Theory: Modern and Contemporary

Fall 2016 Engl 341 Early British Literature

Fall 2016 Engl 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2016 Engl 429 Contemporary Fiction (including videoconference section/link to Couer d'Alene campus)

Spring 2016 Engl 222 History of World Cinema II

Spring 2016 Engl 456 Desire and Exchange in the 18th-Century Novel

Fall 2015 Engl 230 Introduction to Film Studies

Fall 2015 Engl 341 Early British Literature

Fall 2015 Shakespeare: Engl 345.01(Moscow campus) concurrent with Engl 345.02 (via videoconference link with students in 345.02 at Couer d'Alene campus)

Spring 2015 Engl 511 The Life to Come: Theories of Trauma, Narrative Retrospection, and Social Change

Spring 2015 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2014--sabbatical leave research focused on the traumatic, cultural, historical legacy of the English Civil wars in Restoration drama, 1660-1685, and work in preparation to teach graduate course on theories of trauma and contemporary trauma fiction for spring 2015

Spring 2014 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2013 English 341 Early British Literature

Spring 2013 English 345 Shakespeare

Fall 2012 English 475 (s) Studies in Literary Genres: 18th-19th c. Novel

Spring 2012 English 310 Literary Theory

Fall 2011 English 511 Contemporary Critical Theory & Practice

Fall 2010 English 456 Desire for Exchange in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Fall 2010 Intr 404.12 Honors: How We Decide

Spring 2009 Contemporary British Fiction

Spring 2008 English 422 The Nineteenth-Century English Novel

Spring 2007 English 404/504 Contemporary British Fiction

Fall 2006 English 421/540 Development of the English Novel: Haywood, Defoe, Richardson, Austen

Fall 2005 Courtship, Wit, and Constraint in the English Novel, 1778-1816

Previous Courses

Philosophy of Teaching and Scholarship

Here are some practices, theories, and goals that shaped my teaching and scholarship. The engraving that appears is from Hogarth's scenes from Dryden's Marriage a la Mode.

Papers Presented at Recent Conferences:

“Queer Negativity and Transnational Sovereignty in Restoration Heroic Romance: Orrery’s Mustapha." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Western Society for Eighteenth-Studies, Arizona State University, 15-16 February 2019.

“Baroque Loss and Theatrical Enjoyment in Restoration Drama; or, Forsaking Fantasies of the Good Life.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Western Society for Eighteenth-Studies, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 16-17 February 2018.

“Ephemeral Singularity: Theorizing Trauma, Loss, and the Limits of Sovereign Power for Early Modern Studies.” The Early Modern Center Conference on “Transience, Garbage, Excess, Loss: The Ephemeral, 1500-1800,” University of California, Santa Barbara, 21 April 2017.

“Theorizing Early Modern Trauma Studies: Defoe’s Roxana, the Advent of Subjectivity, and the Limits of Sovereign Power.” Northern Plains Conference on Early British Literature, Brookings, South Dakota, 15 April 2016. [also chaired a panel on 18th-century British literature]

[university budget crisis complications canceled intended on the cusp of COVID-19 trip to present paper on “Queer Transits—Sexuality at the Limits of Early Modern Bonds and Embodiment” at the 2020 Early Modern Center’s conference on “Queer Crossings, Unruly Locales, 1500-1800”]

My e-mail address is sflores@uidaho.edu.

Other Links:

Stephan Flores's Home Page created with now retired colleague Gordon Thomas Friday, June 9, 1995, 10:22 AM. [retained/maintained in its original design as an historical artifact!]

The 'woodcut' style painting via this weblink was done by my son Ben at age 14--entitled "grandfathers" in tribute to a bookplate designed by his maternal grandfather Harry B. Flesher [top image via weblink] that represents strands in my paternal and maternal heritage: I am a member of the Sealaska Corporation (Alaska Native, Tsimshian) as well as an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa (North Dakota). My parents met at Haskell Institute (tribal school in Lawrence, Kansas).

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