April 30 - May 2,2010



The following individuals have agreed to participate in some capacity at the conference. Most will be delivering papers.

Keynote Speaker:  
David Kaplan UCLA
Joseph Almog UCLA
Jody Azzouni Tufts University
Kent Bach San Francisco State University
David Boersema Pacific University
David Braun SUNY-Buffalo
Eros Corazza Carleton University
Mark Crimmins Stanford University
Laurence Horn Yale University
Robin Jeshion UC-Riverside
Jeffrey C. King Rutgers University
Genoveva Marti ICREA & University of Barcelona
Sarah Moss University of Michigan
Stephen Neale CUNY
Michael Nelson UC-Riverside
John Perry UC-Riverside & Stanford University
Gillian Russell Washington University-St. Louis
Scott Soames USC
Ken Taylor Stanford University
Howard Wettstein UC-Riverside


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INPC Executive Director is Joseph Keim Campbell, Professor of Philosophy at Washington State University. Co-Directors of the current meeting are Michael O'Rourke and Bill Kabasenche, Professors of Philosophy at the University of Idaho and Washington State University.

This program is supported in part by the Departments of Philosophy at the University of Idaho and Washington State University, the College of Letters and Sciences at the University of Idaho, the College of Arts and Sciences at Washington State University, and the Research Offices at the University of Idaho and Washington State University. Past editions of the INPC have been supported by grants from the Idaho Humanities Council, a State-Based Program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Franklin J. Matchette Foundation.

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