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Dr Alistair Smith

alistair [at]


Dr. Alistair M.S. Smith

Assistant Professor of Forest Measurements
Department of Forest Resources

College of Natural Resources

E-mail: alistair [at]
Office: College of Natural Resources
(208) 885-1009

Download my Full CV (DOC)


Current Academic Responsibilities:

FOR 274: Forest Measurements and Inventory (3cr). Practical techniques for the design and execution of the measurement and inventory of forest resources. One three hour lab and three one-hour lectures.

FOR 435: Remote Sensing of Active Fire and Post-fire Effects (2cr). Application, potential and limitations of methods for the remote sensing of active fire and post-fire effects, and interpretation of the results. Clarification of definitions of fire descriptors (fire intensity, fire severity, and burn severity) and relative merits of remote sensing tools for address them. How to identify an appropriate mapping approach applicable to different types of imagery (depending on the specific questions to be addressed) and provide decision support for the user community.

FOR 474: Forest Inventory (3cr). Principles and practice of natural resources dynamics and forest growth and yield simulation, applied mathematical programming techniques, quantitative decision support.

FOR 504: Advanced Spatial Measurement Methods (3cr). Techniques and tools to use geospatial methods to characterize tree-stand-landscape scale vegetation characteristics

FOR 504: Scientific Programming for Natural Resources (1cr). Introduction to programming in IDL - the scientific programming language used with IDL/ENVI.

Prior Academic Responsibilities:


Remote Sensing of Environment, FOR 472, Department of Forest Resources, University of Idaho, Fall 2005, Evaluation 3.4/4.0"

Advanced Methods in Remote Sensing, FOR 504, Department of Forest Resources, University of Idaho, Fall 2004: Evaluation 3.8/4.0; Spring 2006: Evaluation 3.9/4.0

Savannah Ecology, RNG 501, Graduate Seminar Series, Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management, University of Idaho, Fall 2005, with L. Lentile and S. Bunting Evaluation 4.0/4.0


Recent Conference Organization (2006 - present): 

Organizing Committee MemberAGU Fall Meeting, Biogeosciences Section, San Francisco, December 2007.

Convener & Chair of 'Remote Characterization of Vegetation Structure: Parts I, II, and III', AGU Fall Meeting, B07-Biogeosciences, San Francisco, December 11-15 2006.

Organizing Committee MemberModerator of 'Post Fire Mapping' Session, 11th Biennial USDA Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Center Conference, Salt Lake City, 24th-28th April 2006.

Organizing Committee MemberModerator, Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium Annual Conference, Feb 8th-11th 2006.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, 83844