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Keywords: none
PI: , ,       Status: Active      KLK: -- to --


A Ballistic Gas Compressor for Automotive Airbag Initiator Research and Automotive Engine Testing and Development
Keywords: airbags; pyrotechnics; aerospace; modeling; thermal stresses; manufacturing
PI: Rink, Karl, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK431: FY07 to FY08
A Framework to Assess the Survivability of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Keywords: ITS; information networks; real-time control systems; transportation systems; security; dependability; infrastructure protection
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK132: FY07 to FY08
A New Method to Estimate Average Annual Daily Traffic
Keywords: AADT estimation; space syntaz; multiple regression
PI: Lowry, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK725: FY12 to FY12
Actuated Coordinated Signalized System, Phases I-II
Keywords: signalized intersections; traffic signal systems; congestion
PI: Khatib, Zaher, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK202: FY00 to FY02
Advanced Vehicle Concepts Team: Phase I--Electric Vehicle Design and Fabrication
Keywords: electric vehicle; competition; education; emissions
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK302: FY99 to FY01
Advanced Vehicle Technologies for Efficient Powertrain Performance
Keywords: education and training methods; graduate study; competition; gears; transmissions; learning; structural models; design methods
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK420: FY06 to FY06
Alternative Powered Snowmobile Development
Keywords: snowmobile; competition; recreational vehicles; environment
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK304: FY02 to FY02
Alternative Powered Snowmobile Development
Keywords: none
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK309: FY03 to FY04
Alternative Powered Snowmobile Development
Keywords: recreational vehicles; snowmobile; parks; emissions; competition; education
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK303: FY01 to FY01
An Alternative Powered Hybrid Sport Utility Vehicle--FutureTruck 2002
Keywords: hybrid vehicle; competition; modeling; education; emissions
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK308: FY02 to FY02
An Architecture for Implementing Improved Queue Spillback Control Strategies
Keywords: traffic signals; feedback control; performance measurement
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK717: FY09 to FY11
An Automated Testing Tool for Traffic Signal Controllers
Keywords: traffic signal controllers; testing; automatic test equipment; traffic signal timing; fuzzy logic
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK551: FY08 to FY10
An Intersection Traffic Data Collection Device Utilizing Logging Capabilities of Traffic Controllers and Current Traffic Sensors
Keywords: traffic data; traffic signal controllers; signalized intersections
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK134: FY07 to FY08
An Investigation of Student and Transportation Professionals Understanding of Geometric Design
Keywords: Education, education and training methods, research projects
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK714: FY08 to FY10
An Investigation of Transportation Professionals Understanding of Geometric Design
Keywords: Education, education and training methods, research projects
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK722: FY11 to FY12
Analysis of Idaho LTPP GPS and SPS Data to Predict Pavement Performance
Keywords: pavements; modeling; preventative maintenance
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK481: FY03 to FY07
Analytical Tools for Identifying Bicycle Route Suitability, Coverage, and Continuity
Keywords: bicycle route, bikeways
PI: Lowry, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK560: FY11 to FY12
Application of Metal Catalysts for High Selectivity of Glycerol Conversion to Alcohols
Keywords: Biodiesel fuels; alternate fuels; fuel processing
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK758: FY10 to FY11
Application of Plug-and-Play Distributed Signal Technology to Traffic Signals
Keywords: detectors; signals; networks; intersection elements; communication and control
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK241: FY05 to FY06
Application Study of Pontis Bridge Management System
Keywords: bridge; software
PI: Nielsen, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK490: FY02 to FY04
Applying Roundabouts in the United States
Keywords: roundabouts; safety; design standards
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK254: FY02 to FY05
Applying Safety-Critical Fault Tolerant Principles to Survivable Transportation Control Networks
Keywords: security; survivability; information networks; traffic control systems
PI: Oman, Paul, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK233: FY04 to FY06
Applying the TRANSIMS Modeling Paradigm to the Simulation and Analysis of Transportation and Traffic Control Systems
Keywords: traffic simulation; travel demand; intersections; traffic data; traffic delay
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK231: FY04 to FY06
Appraisal of Right of Way Proximity Damage, Phase I
Keywords: modeling; proximity damages; eminent domain
PI: Nelson, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK465: FY01 to FY04
Aqueous Ethanol Ignition and Engine Studies, Phase I
Keywords: fuel systems; ignition systems; exhaust gases; engine tuning; biomass fuels
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK761: FY10 to FY11
Aqueous Ethanol Ignition and Engine Studies, Phase II
Keywords: fuel systems, ignition systems, exhaust gases, engine tuning, biomass fuels
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK762: FY11 to FY12
Area-Wide Performance Measures for Traffic Signal Systems
Keywords: traffic signal systems; data; performance
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK237: FY05 to FY07
Assessing Intelligent Transportation System Educational Needs
Keywords: ITS; education; graduate study
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK234: FY04 to FY06
Assessing the Security and Survivability of Transportation Control Networks
Keywords: security; survivability; traffic control systems
PI: Oman, Paul, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK215: FY03 to FY05
AutoPayItem (API)
Keywords: highway design; software;
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK666: FY02 to FY03


Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Inventory Database
Keywords: bicylcle; pedestrian; safety;
PI: Lowry, Michael, PhD      Status: Active      KLK573: FY15 to --
Biodiesel Demonstration Plant, Phase II
Keywords: aternative fuels; product development; environmental impacts; diesel fuels
PI: Van Gerpen, Jon, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK421: FY06 to FY07
Biodiesel from Yellow Mustard Oil, Phase III
Keywords: Alternative fuels; diesel fuels; environmental impacts; campus transportation; test stands; demonstration projects; fuel composition; conferences
PI: Peterson, Charles, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK311: FY02 to FY05
Biodiesel Fuel from Yellow Mustard Oil, Phase I-II
Keywords: emissions; alternative fuel; test stands; biodiesel
PI: Peterson, Charles, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK310: FY01 to FY01
Biodiesel Quality Affected by Sulfur Content Originated from Different Feedstocks and a Database for the Same
Keywords: alternative fuels; biodiesel fuels; sulfur
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK432: FY07 to FY08


Calibrating the Highway Safety Manual Crash Prediction Models for Idaho’s Highways
Keywords: highway safety;
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK565: FY13 to --
Calibration of the AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Performance Models for Flexible Pavements in Idaho
Keywords: AASHTOWare; MEPDG; pavement design;
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Active      KLK572: FY15 to --
Catalytic Ignition of Aquanol in Reactor, Engine, and Vehicle Environments
Keywords: alternative fuels; catalytic igniter; emissions; test stand
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK319: FY02 to FY02
Characterization of Catalytic Igniter Performance and Emissions
Keywords: aquanol; ethanol; catalytic ignition; multi-fuel engines; engine testing; demonstration vehicle; laboratory
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK346: FY05 to FY07
City of Moscow Intelligent Transportation System
Keywords: traffic signals; ITS; design standards
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK250: FY02 to FY09
City of Moscow Intelligent Transportation System, Phase II
Keywords: traffic signals; ITS; design standards
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK255: FY02 to FY10
Closed Loop Operation of Network Based Accessible Pedestrian Signals
Keywords: Traffic Control Devices; Traffic Signal Control Systems; Signalized Intersections; Warning Devices for the Handicapped; Pedestrian Safety; Pedestrian Areas, Pedestrian Vehicle Interface.
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK719: FY10 to FY11
Commercialization and Field Distribution of Smart Pedestrian Call Signals
Keywords: traffic control devices; traffic signal control systems; signalized intersections
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK715: FY09 to FY10
Comparison of Esterified and Non-Esterified Oils from Rapeseed, Canola and Yellow Mustard as Diesel Fuel Additives
Keywords: biodiesel; alternative fuels; campus transportation
PI: Peterson, Charles, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK328: FY03 to FY06
Compression Ratio and Catalyst Aging Effects on Aqueous Ethanol Ignition
Keywords: Pollutant control; fuel systems; engine testing; renewable fuels
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK752: FY08 to FY09
Compression Ratio and Catalyst Aging Effects on Aqueous Ethanol Ignition, Phase II
Keywords: Pollutant control; fuel systems; engine testing; renewable fuels
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK756: FY09 to FY10
Conflict Monitor for Plug-and-Play Distributed Smart Signals and Sensors for Traffic Controllers
Keywords: communication and control; intersection elements; networks; detectors; traffic signals.
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK122: FY06 to FY08
Contamination of Weathering Steel during Construction
Keywords: steel structures; bridges; construction management; surface treating; rehabilitation (maintenance)
PI: Schmeckpeper, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK484: FY04 to FY07
Continuous-Flow Reactor System for Improved Catalytic Glycerol Conversion
Keywords: biodiesel fuels, alternate fuels, fuel processing
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK765: FY11 to FY11
Controller Interface Device Software Documentation
Keywords: traffic models; traffic simulation; traffic signal control systems; traffic control centers
PI: Johnson, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK236: FY05 to FY06


Design and Construction of a Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Snowmobile for Competition in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
Keywords: recreational vehicles; snowmobile; parks; emissions; direct-injection
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK341: FY04 to FY04
Design and Construction of a Turbocharged Direct-Injection Two-Stroke Snowmobile for Competition in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
Keywords: Environmental impacts; recreational vehicles; snowmobiles; parks; emissions; two-stroke engines; competition
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK410: FY06 to FY06
Design and Construction of a Turbocharged, Direct-Injection, Two-Stroke Snowmobile for Competition in the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
Keywords: recreational vehicles; student competitions; education; direct-injection; snowmobiles
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK433: FY07 to FY08
Design Synthesis, Manufacturing, and Testing of a Competitive Hybrid FSAE Vehicle
Keywords: hybrid powertrain packaging, vehicle energy management, structural optimization, suspension optimization
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK764: FY11 to FY12
Detection Field Testing
Keywords: detection; traffic controller; signalized intersections
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK569: FY14 to --
Developing and Applying Collaborative Tools for Improving "Understanding" in the Introductory Transportation Engineering Course
Keywords: education
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK713: FY08 to FY10
Developing Bridge Rating Factors for the Perrine Bridge
Keywords: bridges; software; training
PI: Nielsen, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK493: FY04 to FY07
Developing Statistical Correlations of Soil Properties with R-Value for Idaho Pavement Design
Keywords: soil tests; subgrade (pavements); subbase (pavements) regression analysis; multiple regression analysis
PI: Miller, Stanley, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK553: FY08 to FY09
Development and Evaluation of Performance Tests To Enhance Superpave Mix Design
Keywords: asphalt pavements; superpave; asphalt tests; mix design
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK483: FY08 to FY10
Development and Evaluation of Performance Tests to Enhance Superpave Mix Design and Implementation in Idaho
Keywords: asphalt pavements; superpave; asphalt tests; mix design
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK479: FY08 to FY10
Development and Testing of Transportation Engineering Design Problems for Freshman and Sophomore Civil Engineering Students
Keywords: education
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK213: FY03 to FY07
Development and Utilization of an Evaluation Process for Traffic Signal Control Systems
Keywords: simulation; traffic control systems; hardware-in-the-loop; evaluation
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK212: FY03 to FY06
Development of a Clean, Quiet, and Efficient Two-Stroke Direct-Injection Snowmobile for Use in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and National Parks
Keywords: Snowmobiles; recreational vehicles; ethanol; alcohol fuels; electronic fuel injection; exhaust gases; emissions testing
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK767: FY12 to FY12
Development of a Flex-Fuel, Two-Stroke, Direct-Injection Snowmobile for Use in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and National Parks
Keywords: snowmobiles; recreational vehicles; ethanol; snowmobiles; recreational vehicles; environmental impacts; ethanol; parks; two-stroke engines; competition; education; direct-injection
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK753: FY09 to FY10
Development of a Low-Speed Two-Stroke Direct-Injection Snowmobile for Use in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and National Parks
Keywords: snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, ethanol
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK763: FY11 to FY11
Development of an Ethanol Blend, Two-Stroke, Direct-Injection Snowmobile for Use in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and National Parks
Keywords: Snowmobiles; Recreational vehicles; Ethanol
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK760: FY10 to FY11
Development of an Ethanol Fueled, Two-Stroke, Direct-Injection Snowmobile for Use in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and National Parks
Keywords: snowmobiles; recreational vehicles; environmental impacts; ethanol; parks; two-stroke engines; competition; education; direct-injection
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK751: FY08 to FY09
Development of Controller Interface Device (CID) for Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, Phases I-III
Keywords: controller; signal-timing; simulation; traffic signal systems
PI: Wells, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK201: FY99 to FY01
Development of Enhancements to the API Software Tool (AutoPayItem)
Keywords: highway design, street lighting
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK476: FY01 to FY01
Development of Internet-Based Laboratory Materials: Phases I-III
Keywords: training; education; traffic signal operations; highway capacity; traffic operations; distance learning
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK204: FY99 to FY07
Development of MicroStation Tools to Compute Circuit Requirements and Lighting Design Elements
Keywords: highway design; street lighting
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      FMK759: FY98 to FY99
Development of Microstation Tools to Compute Circuit Requirements and Lighting Design Elements, Phase II
Keywords: software; highway design; street lighting
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK461: FY00 to FY02
Development of nanocatalysts for the synthesis of biofuels from biomass derived syngas
Keywords: Biofuels (or bio-mass fuels); gasification; catalysis
PI: McDonald, Armando, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK769: FY12 to FY12
Development of New Actuated Signalized Intersection Performance Measurement Methodologies
Keywords: Performance tests, signalized intersections, simulation, ITS
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK120: FY06 to FY08
Development of Traffic Signal Operations Case Studies
Keywords: traffic control systems; education
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK230: FY04 to FY07
Development of Traffic Signal Training Materials Integrating Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation.
Keywords: traffic signal systems; simulation; education; hardware-in-the-loop; training; curriculum
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK207: FY02 to FY02
Development of Video-Based and Oher Automated Traffic Data Collection Methods: Phases I-III
Keywords: software; data collection
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK203: FY99 to FY04
Development, Deployment, and Assessment of a New Educational Paradigm for Transportation Professionals and University Students: A Collaboration of the Region X Transportation Consortium
Keywords: transportation education
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK262: FY09 to FY13
Diesel Engine Conversion to Aqualytic Fuel
Keywords: alternative fuels; catalytic ignition; test stands; diesel engines
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK316: FY01 to FY01
Dynamic Characterization of Egyption Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete for Highway Pavement Design and Evaluation
Keywords: asphalt; asphalt testing
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK478: FY07 to FY11


Economic Impact of Work Zone Travel Time Delays
Keywords: work zone; economic impact; time delay
PI: Haber, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      FMK470: FY98 to FY99
Engine and Vehicle Demonstrations on Aquanol Fuel
Keywords: alternative fuels; catalytic ignition; public transit; aquanol
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK318: FY01 to FY01
Essential Elements in Teaming: Creation of a Teaming Rubric
Keywords: education; assessment
PI: Elger, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK327: FY02 to FY02
Estimating and Disseminating Short-Term Projections of Passenger Car and Truck AADT
Keywords: AADT; forecasting; traffic estimation
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK253: FY03 to FY04
Evaluate the Stability of Native Plant Species for Adaptability, Erosion Control, Slope Stability and for Noxious Weed Prevention Along Roadsides in Idaho
Keywords: roadside vegetation; native plant propagation
PI: Kingery, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK477: FY03 to FY06
Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Asphalt Pavements – Phase 1: Laboratory Study
Keywords: fibers; pavement; HMA mixes;
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Active      KLK568: FY14 to --
Evaluation of Safety Impact of Idashield Signs at Idaho Railroad Crossings
Keywords: railroad crossing; safety
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK567: FY13 to FY15
Evaluation of the Impacts of Differential Speed Limits on Interstate Highways in Idaho
Keywords: speed limits; interstate highways; 65 mph speed limit
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK564: FY12 to FY13
Evaluation of the Impacts of Reducing Truck Speeds on Interstate Highways in Idaho, Phase III
Keywords: trucks; safety; speed limits
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK472: FY99 to FY01
Expanded Controller Interface Device In/Out and Software Capabilities
Keywords: traffic control systems; real-time simulation; controller interface device; hardware-in-the-loop simulation
PI: Johnson, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK235: FY04 to FY07
Expanding City of Moscow Field Lab Data Collection Capabilities
Keywords: Data logging, traffic surveillance, performance measurement, traffic signal system
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK723: FY11 to FY12
Experiments in Modeling Urban Surface Transportation Network Dependability and Security
Keywords: transportation systems; critical infrastructure protection; information network; security; reliability; complex control systems
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK238: FY05 to FY06


Failure Mode Investigation and Ballistic Performance Characterization of Pyrotechnic Initiators Used in Automotive Supplemental Restraint Inflation Systems
Keywords: pyrotechnics; airbags; safety
PI: Rink, Karl, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK345: FY04 to FY06
Feasibility Study on Hydro-Thermal Conversion of Low-Grade Glyerol to Alcohols for Use in Biodiesel Production
Keywords: alternative fuels; thermo chemistry; esters; diesel fuels; production methods.
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK412: FY06 to FY06
Fleet Vehicle Demonstrations of Alcohol-Water Fuel and Catalytic Ignition Systems
Keywords: catalytic ignition; teststand; fleet vehicles
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK351: FY99 to FY04
Freeway Incident Detection and Arterial Systems Management for the I-84 Corridor--Phases I and II
Keywords: incident management; freeway management systems
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK463: FY00 to FY03
Full-Scale Implementation of Plug-and-Play Distributed Smart Signals and Sensors for Traffic Controllers
Keywords: education and training; communication and control; intersection elements; networks; detectors; signals; pedestrians
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK124: FY06 to FY06


Governor's Safety Project
Keywords: highway safety; conferences
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK264: FY06 to FY06
Guidelines for Designing and Implementing Traffic Control Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Idaho
Keywords: traffic control systems; training
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK257: FY02 to FY06


Heavy Weight Hybrid Vehicles
Keywords: hybrid electric; hydraulic assist; ultra-capacitors; ultra-low emission vehicles; passive cooling; thermo-siphon; vehicle modeling
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK348: FY05 to FY05
High Performance Auxiliary Power Units, Phases I- III
Keywords: batteries; hybrid vehicles; emissions; modeling; engine performance, APU
PI: Edwards, Dean, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK331: FY99 to FY01
Highway Capacity Manual Applications Guide
Keywords: highway capacity; unsignalized intersections; NCHRP
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK251: FY02 to FY06
Hybrid FSAE Vehicle Realization
Keywords: hybrid vehicle; planetary drive; electric motor
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK757: FY10 to FY11


Idaho Commercial Truck Registration Study
Keywords: tax structure; revenue; highway construction; truck
PI: Jones, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK480: FY01 to FY04
Idaho Design Engineering Analysis Works (IDEAWorks): Computing Resources, Knowledge Management, and Design Optimization for Next Generation Vehicles
Keywords: education; structural optimization; modeling; manufacturing design; knowledge management
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK430: FY07 to FY09
Idaho Engineering Works (IEW)
Keywords: education; bicycle; competition; hybrid vehicles
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK323: FY01 to FY02
Idaho Right of Way Proximity Damage Study, Phase II
Keywords: modeling; proximity damages; eminent domain; training
PI: Nelson, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK469: FY03 to FY06
Idaho Statewide Trip Generation Rates and Friction Factors
Keywords: trip generation; survey; travel
PI: Khatib, Zaher, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK460: FY00 to FY01
Implementation of the MEPDG for Flexible Pavements in Idaho
Keywords: pavements; pavement performance; pavement design; software package,
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK557: FY09 to FY12
Improved Signalized Intersection Performance Measurement, Phase II
Keywords: ITS; actuated signalized intersections; performance tests; simulation
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK133: FY07 to FY08
Improved Simulation of Driver Behavior: Modeling Protected and Permitted Left-Turn Operations at Signalized Intersections
Keywords: traffic simulation; microscopic traffic flow; traffic characteristics
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK716: FY09 to FY11
Improved Simulation of Stop Bar Driver Behavior at Signalized Intersections
Keywords: microscopic traffic flow; traffic simulation; traffic characteristics; algorithms
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK712: FY08 to FY10
Improved Transportation Performance and Emissions through Fundamental Studies, Engine Testing, and Demonstration Platform Development
Keywords: ethanol; catalytic ignition; fuels; emissions; multi-fuel engines; engine testing; demonstration projects; environmental impacts.
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK411: FY06 to FY08
Improving Passing Lane Safety and Efficiency
Keywords: rural highways; passing lanes; transportation; safety
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK566: FY13 to --
Improving Passing Lane Safety and Efficiency
Keywords: safety; passing lane
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK958: FY13 to --
Improving Safety at Signalized Intersections During Inclement Weather Conditions - A Real-Time Weather-Responsive System
Keywords: weather; weather conditions; road weather information systems; safety; signalized intersections
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK561: FY12 to --
In situ Transesterification of Microalgal Oil to Produce Algal Biodiesel
Keywords: Biodiesel fuels; microalgae; fuel processing
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK768: FY12 to FY12
Integrated Battery
Keywords: storage batteries; capacitors; environmental impacts; lead acid batteries; fuel consumption; electronics
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Active      KLK413: FY06 to --
Integrated Traffic Simulation and Computer-Aided Design for Two-Lane Rural Highways
Keywords: software; traffic simulation
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK252: FY03 to FY05
Investigation into the Causes of Bridge Deck-Cracking
Keywords: bridge deck concrete
PI: Schmeckpeper, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK491: FY01 to FY08
Investigation of Engine and Combustion Parameters for Catalytic Ignition
Keywords: catalytic ignition; fuels; engine testing; demonstration projects; laboratory; emissions; multi-fuel engines; environmental impacts; ethanol; demonstration vehicles; renewable fuel
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK434: FY07 to FY08
Investigation of How Bridge Deck Design Methodology Addresses Crack Control
Keywords: bridges; bridge decks; cracking; bridge design;
PI: Nielsen, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK554: FY08 to FY10
ITS Deployment in the Ada County Highway District
Keywords: ITS;m
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK475: FY02 to FY04


Lead Acid Battery Development
Keywords: hybrid electric vehicle; battery
PI: Edwards, Dean, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK330: FY00 to FY01
Lightweight Transportation
Keywords: fuel cells; recreational vehicles; software
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK320: FY99 to FY01
Longer Combination Vehicle Safety Study
Keywords: vehicles; safety; tractor trailer combinations
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK260: FY04 to FY05


Maximizing Data Quality to Optimize Traffic Signal System Performance
Keywords: traffic delay; data collection; highway capacity
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK232: FY04 to FY06
Measurement and Control Strategies for Sterol Glucosides to Improve Biodiesel Quality
Keywords: biodieself fuels; alternative fuels; fuel processing
PI: Van Gerpen, Jon, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK755: FY09 to FY10
Measurement and Control Strategies for Sterol Glucosides to Improve Biodiesel Quality - Year 2
Keywords: Biodiesel fuels; alternate fuels; fuel processing; fuel composition
PI: Van Gerpen, Jon, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK759: FY10 to FY11
Measures to Alleviate Congestion at Rural Intersections – Case Study: SH-55/Banks-Lowman Hwy Intersection
Keywords: highway; congestion
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK570: FY14 to FY15
Mentorship and Performance Assessment of Design Teams in Transportation-Related Projects
Keywords: education; performance assessment
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK314: FY03 to FY04
Mobile (Hands-On Traffic) Signal Timing Training (MOST)
Keywords: traffic signals; training
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK261: FY05 to FY11
Model Real-Time Highway Traffic Control Systems
Keywords: traffic signal control; simulation; laboratories
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK210: FY03 to FY05
Modeling and Application of Catalytic Ignition in Internal Combustion Engines
Keywords: alternative fuels; catalytic ignition; test stand; emissions
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK312: FY03 to FY04
Modeling and Assessing Large-Scale Surface Transportation Network Component Criticality
Keywords: communication systems; networks; safety and security; travel delay
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK125: FY06 to FY07
Modeling Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Emissions at Signalized Intersection Approaches: Assessing Available Tools and Research Needs
Keywords: vehicle operations; traffic control; pollution; pollutants; fuel conservation
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK721: FY11 to FY12
Monitoring and Modeling Subgrade Soil Moisure for Pavement Design and Maintenance in Idaho, Phase III: Data Collection and Management
Keywords: pavement design
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK459: FY00 to FY03


Native Plants for Roadside Vegetation
Keywords: revegetation; erosion; BMP; native plants; sedimentation; road maintenance
PI: Kingery, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK555: FY09 to FY12
Next Generation Controller Interface Device
Keywords: traffic signal systems; controller interface device;
PI: Johnson, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK209: FY02 to FY06
Novel Continuous-Flow Reactor Using a Reactive Distillation Technique for Economical Biodiesel Production, Stage II
Keywords: Biodiesel; alternative fuel; reactive distillation; transesterification; seed oils; alcohol regeneration.
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK340: FY05 to FY06
Novel Continuous-Flow Reactor Using Reactive Distillation Technique for Economical Biodiesel Production
Keywords: biodiesel; alternative fuels
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK343: FY04 to FY04


Optimal Design of Hybrid Electric-Human Powered Lightweight Transportation
Keywords: hybrid vehicles; bicycles
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK320A: FY00 to FY01


Parallel Hybrid-Electric Sport Utility Vehicle--FutureTruck 2003
Keywords: competition; emissions; SUV; education; hybrid-electric
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK325: FY03 to FY03
Parallel Hybrid-Electric-Hydraulic Sport Utility Vehicle--FutureTruck 2004
Keywords: hybrid electric; emissions; competition; education; SUV
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK344: FY04 to FY04
Performance of Idaho HMA Mixes Using Gyratory Stability
Keywords: Superpave; gyratory stability; asphalt
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK482: FY03 to FY07
Performance Predictions Using Densification Characteristics of Idaho Superpave Mixtures
Keywords: superpave; asphalt; pavements
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK464: FY00 to FY05
Pilot Deployment of Plug-and-Play Smart Traffic Signals
Keywords: traffic signals; traffic controls; controller; plug-and-play; pedestrians; sensors;
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK131: FY07 to FY08
Potential Crash Reduction Benefits of Safety Improvement Projects
Keywords: safety; crash test
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK556: FY09 to FY11
Production of Renewable Diesel Fuel from Biologically Based Feedstocks
Keywords: renewable diesel, biodiesel, alternate fuels, fuel processing, fuel composition
PI: Van Gerpen, Jon, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK766: FY11 to FY12


Reactor Studies of Alcohol-Water Catalysis, Phases I- III
Keywords: catalytic ignition; basic research; alternative fuels; public transportation
PI: Steciak, Judith, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK317: FY99 to FY01
Relationship of Shoulder Width and Lane Width to Crash Rates
Keywords: shoulder, shoulder width, lane width
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK559: FY10 to FY12
Remote Access Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Lab
Keywords: traffic control systems; controllers; controller interface device; hardware-in-the-loop; simulations
PI: Johnson, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK214: FY03 to FY05
Remote Access Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Laboratory: Application Guide for Testing Software-Based Traffic Control Systems
Keywords: education and training; performance tests; traffic models; real-time, information; education; traffic signal control systems
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK121: FY06 to FY08
Remote Access Laboratory for Testing Advanced Traffic Signal Systems: Operational Manual and Application Guide
Keywords: real-time, traffic signal; hardware-in-the-loop; remote access laboratory; simulation
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK240: FY05 to FY07
Road Map for Future Controller Interface Device Projects
Keywords: traffic signal control; laboratories
PI: Johnson, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK216: FY03 to FY05
Rockfall Hazard Classification and Mitigation, Phases II-III
Keywords: rockfalls; hazard evaluation; traffic mitigation
PI: Miller, Stanley, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK466: FY01 to FY03


Safety Impacts of Using Wider Pavement Marking in Two-Lane Rural Highways in Idaho
Keywords: Safety; road markings; two-lane highways; center lines; lane lines; edge line; distraction;
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Active      KLK571: FY15 to --
Small Engine Laboratory Support for Ethanol-Water Igniter Performance and Emissions Testing
Keywords: laboratory; teststand; catalytic ignition; emissions; demonstration vehicle
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK342: FY04 to FY06
Smart Signals Countdown Pedestrian Signal
Keywords: Traffic signals, pedestrian safety, computer networks, traffic signal timing
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK720: FY11 to FY12
Smart Signals Pedestrian Call System
Keywords: Pedestrian; traffic controller; smart signals;
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK266: FY09 to FY14
Software Maintenance Support for Current Generation CID
Keywords: traffic signal systems; software; controller interface device
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK208: FY02 to --
Spark Ignition Engine Conversion to Aquanol Fuel, Phases I & II
Keywords: emissions; test stand; alternative fuels; catalytic ignition
PI: Beyerlein, Steven, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK315: FY99 to FY01
Street Deployment of Pedestrian Smart Signals
Keywords: pedestrians; networks; traffic signal control systems; physically handicapped persons; barrier free design; traffic signal controllers; remote sensing; education; human factors
PI: Wall, Richard, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK710: FY08 to FY09
Structural Design Software
Keywords: software; bicycle
PI: Odom, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK321: FY99 to FY01
Study of the Effectiveness of ITD Pavement Design Method
Keywords: pavement, pavement design, pavement performance, traffic
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK558: FY10 to FY12
Sustainable Transportation Conference
Keywords: sustainability; transportation; workshops; biodiesel
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK102: FY06 to FY06
Synthesis of Research on Work Zone Delays and Simplified Application of Quickzone Analysis Tool
Keywords: work zones; work zone safety; work zone traffic control; modeling
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK552: FY08 to FY10


The National Transportation Curriculum Project: Developing Activity-Based Learning Modules for the Introductory Transportation Engineering Course
Keywords: none
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK724: FY12 to FY12
Thermal Processing of Low-Grade Glycerol to Alcohols for Biodiesel Production, Phase 1
Keywords: biodiesel fuels; alternative fuels; esters; production methods; experiments; chemical reactions
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK750: FY08 to FY09
Thermal Processing of Low-Grade Glycerol to Alcohols for Biodiesel Production, Phase II
Keywords: biodiesel fuels; alternative fuels; fuel processing
PI: He, Brian, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK754: FY09 to FY10
Thermal Stresses and Related Failure Mechanisms: Bridge-wire initiators
Keywords: models; pyrotechnics; thermal stresses
PI: , ,       Status: Complete      KLK414: FY06 to FY08
Thermal Stresses in Pyrotechnic Initiators Used in Automotive Supplemental Restraint Systems
Keywords: pyrotechnics; thermal stresses; seat belts; airbags
PI: Rink, Karl, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK349: FY02 to FY06
Thorncreek Road to Moscow Wind Study
Keywords: wind; study
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK356: FY06 to FY06
Traffic and Controller Data Collection System Enhancement, Deployment, and Testing
Keywords: traffic data; traffic measurement; performance measurement; video imaging detectors; traffic flow
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK711: FY08 to FY10
Traffic Controller Laboratory Upgrade
Keywords: traffic control systems; laboratory; ITS; simulation; hardware-in-the-loop; controllers
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK206: FY02 to FY06
Traffic Signal Operations Case Studies
Keywords: traffic signal timing; traffic signal operations; education; training
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK239: FY05 to FY07
Traffic Signal Summer Camp I
Keywords: education; traffic signal systems; laboratory; training;
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK205: FY00 to FY01
Traffic Signal Summer Workshop III
Keywords: traffic signals; education; training;
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK211: FY03 to FY03
Traffic Signal Summer Workshop IV
Keywords: education; traffic signal systems; controller interface device; video detection
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK217: FY03 to FY04
Traffic Signal Summer Workshop VI
Keywords: traffic control systems;traffic controllers;training
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK242: FY05 to FY05
Traffic Signal Summer Workshop VII
Keywords: traffic control systems, traffic controllers, education and training, ITS
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK126: FY06 to FY06
Training and Implementation: Vegetation Management Practices for Erosion Control and Slope Maintenance
Keywords: revegetation; slope stability; environment
PI: Kingery, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK473: FY03 to FY04


University of Idaho's Clean Snowmobile Design Using a Direct-Injection, Two-Stroke Engine
Keywords: recreational vehicles; environmental impacts; snowmobiles; two-stroke engines; competition; emissions; parks
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK347: FY05 to FY05
Update Section 300 of the ITD Traffic Manual
Keywords: traffic manual, traffic operations
PI: Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK487: FY11 to FY12
Upgrade of ITD Prestressed Bridge Girder Design Program WINPSBRG.EXE
Keywords: bridge design; software;
PI: Schmeckpeper, Edwin, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK457: FY99 to FY01
Upgrading the Small Engine Testing Equipment Project
Keywords: testing; engines
PI: Den Braven, Karen, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK363: FY06 to FY06
Using Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (HILS) to Develop, Test and Implement New Traffic Signal Timing Plans
Keywords: simulation; traffic signals; training
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK263: FY03 to FY04
Using TWOPAS Simulation Model to Provide Design and Operations Information on the Performance of Idaho's Two-Lane Highways
Keywords: rural highways; software; highway design
PI: Dixon, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK468: FY02 to FY03
Using Visual Simulation Tools and Learning Outcomes-Based Curriculum to Help Transportation Engineering Students and Practitioners to Better Understand and Design Traffic Signal Control Systems
Keywords: traffic operations, traffic signal control systems, education and training, curriculum
PI: Kyte, Michael, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK718: FY11 to FY12


Vegetation Management Practices and Training for Soil Stability, Erosion Control and Slope Maintenance
Keywords: erosion control; vegetation; road construction
PI: Kingery, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK462: FY00 to FY01
Vehicle Performance Simulation Phases I- III
Keywords: software; vehicle; alternative fuel
PI: Blackketter, Donald, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK305: FY99 to FY01
Video-Based Method for the Detection of Truck Axles
Keywords: video detection; vehicle classification
PI: Frenzel, James, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK474: FY01 to FY02


WINFLEX: Enhancement of the Idaho Overlay Design System
Keywords: pavements; software
PI: Bayomy, Fouad, PhD      Status: Complete      KLK492: FY02 to FY08
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