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Dr. Karen Launchbaugh
Rangeland Ecologist
University of Idaho

Animal Behavior Related to Targeted Grazing 


Grazing Behavior of Livestock and Wildlife
Edited by K.L. Launchbaugh, J.C. Mosley, and K.D. Sanders
Bulletin 70-- Idaho Forest, Wildlife & Range Exp. Station

Foraging on the edge of chaos
     F.D. Provenza and K.L. Launchbaugh
Manipulating diet selection to control weeds

     B.E. Olson
Grazers and browsers: How digestive morphology affects diet selection
    L.A. Shipley
Behavioral strategies for coping with poisonous plants
    J.A. Pfister
Foraging behavior: Experience or inheritance?
     K.L. Launchbaugh, J.W. Walker and C.A. Taylor

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Anti-Quality Factors in Rangeland and Pastureland Forages

Edited by K.L. Launchbaugh
Station Bulletin 73
Idaho Forest, Wildlife and Range Experiment Station

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2012, Targeted Grazing