Soil 454 - Pedology


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Tentative Lab Schedule

Fall 2014

Date Topic
Th 8/28 Soil horizons, texture, color, structure
Th 9/4 Soil horizons, more morphology
Th 9/11 Field Trip - Detailed soil descriptions
Th 9/18 TEST #1; Project introduction
Th 9/25 Field Trip - Local geology and parent materials
Th 10/2 Parent materials - rocks and minerals
Th 10/9 TEST #2
Th 10/16 Field Trip - Palouse prairie-to-forest transect
Th 10/23 Field Trip - Forest soils, fragipans, volcanic ash
Th 10/30

Field Trip or soil classification exercise

Th 11/6 TEST #3
Th 11/13 Soil classification exercise
Th 11/20 Open
Th 12/4 TEST #4
Th 12/11 Project reports

Labs are scheduled from 1:30 to 5:20 on Thursdays. Depending on the number of students this semester, we may split up into two groups when working indoors. One group will come from 1:30 to until ~3:20; the second group will come from 3:30 to ~5:20. When weather conditions permit, we will make every attempt to go to the field. On these occasions we will meet as a group at 1:30 and will normally stay out until 4-5:30.

Please notice the number of scheduled field trips. These field trips are a very important part of this course – it's impossible to develop a good understanding of soil genesis, morphology, and classification without looking at soils in a field setting. Attendance on all field trips is required and you will be held responsible for all material presented on these trips. Short write-ups may be required.