Module 1 Lecture Schedule

Date Topics Assignment Reading Computer
1/15 Introduction,
Inputting and Outputting Data
  Chapters 1,2 First menu progam
1/17 Inputting and Outputting Data,
Hw1, due 1/24 Chapters 2,3 Input styles,
Use of functions,
subjects data
1/22 SAS libraries,
Random samples
  Chapters 2,3 Creating a library,
Reading from a library,
City data,
Random samples
1/24 Random samples,
Logical Statements
Hw1 due,
Hw2, due 1/29
Chapters 3,4 Power program 1,
Logic program
Iris data
1/27 Simulation,
Logical Statements
  Chapters 3,4 see 1/24 programs
1/29 Do loops   Chapter 6 Many Do loops;
A Do loop example
1/31 SET and MERGE, part I Hw2 due,
Hw3, due 2/7
Chapter 8 Intro SET/MERGE program;
An example
2/3 SET and MERGE, part II   Chapter 8 Second SET/MERGE program
2/5 LINK   Chapter 5 LINK example,
New functions
2/7 Data import example Hw3 due,
Hw4, due 2/14
  Idaho schools,
Arkansas schools,
Arkansas SAS data,
Arkansas text file
2/10 Schools example, Arrays   Chapter 7 ARRAY program
2/12 SAS Output Delivery System   . ODS program
2/14 Cross-validation Hw4 due,
Take home final due 2/21
. Crossvalidation1,
Census data
2/19 SAS/Insight      
2/21 In class final Take home final due