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New directors of Federal Department of Education TRIO programs
face a complex assortment of challenges to make their programs as effective and productive as possible. Our goal is to support students in their efforts to enter fulfilling careers that can meet and even exceed their economic hopes. Often this involves preparing students for the complexities and rigors of college or university studies.
     This web is an initiative of the UI/NASP TRIO Training Program for New Directors and shares some best practices currently in action. 
     Each one offers an overview including:

  • Ways the program is succeeding (success indicators);

  • How they are implemented (strategies);

  • Profile of a TRIO student who has benefited from the program

  • Name and contact information for program leader, so new directors know whom to call if you have questions

This information is only a start. Because the Training Program is associated with the Northwest Association of Special Programs (NASP) we start with programs based in the Northwest--Student Support Services (SSS) at South Seattle Community College, Upward Bound at Boise State University, SSS at Lewis-Clark State College, and the NASP Peer Monitoring Program. In subsequent publications we will profile programs in other regions, so if you know of a program you believe is worth sharing, I would like to hear from you and expand our series of case studies.

My special thanks and congratulations to leaders and participants of the model programs presented on these pages. To new directors, I hope these stories will encourage you. Your feedback is welcome.

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