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The program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the University of Idaho, advances practices and knowledge for creating enriched learning environments in engineering education contexts.  The overarching question that drives this program is this--how does one going about designing a high-performance and compelling environment for people?  


The approach we have followed is to create three communities of practice and then apply social science research practices to explore the common features of effective communities.

Communities of Practice

The current communities of practice that we've created are:  
  • Scholars Community--A interdisciplinary community of professors and graduate students interested in transformational change in education in a variety of contexts.  
  • Mentors Community--A community of professors and peer-mentors who create an enriched learning environment in a sophomore level engineering design course.
  • Mindworks--A community of professors and students who have a passion for machine design.  

Lessons Learned

The major findings of this project are...
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