Welcome to the Mind In Movement Laboratory

The Mind in Movement Laboratory is located on the main campus of the University of Idaho, in Moscow, Idaho. We are associated with the Department of Psychology & Communication Studies, the Neuroscience Program, and the Graduate Program in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis on Human Factors.

The field of action research encompasses posture and movement and draws on methods from biomechanics, motor control, and psychology. Our work is inspired by the idea that cognitive factors are important for controlling action, and that, therefore, how people carry themselves can yield important insights about how they think.

A better understanding of the role of thought in action may lead to novel treatments for movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, to better workplace design to reduce strain and injury, and to insights into how to reduce psychophysical problems associated with aging.

Latest News

August 2018

Dr. Cohen gave a plenary talk at the 11th International Alexander Technique Congress: "Science Catches Up: Alexander Technique Principles and 21st Century Research."

May 2018

Jordan Becker was featured as an outstanding graduate in the college news.

April 2018

Dr. Cohen was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor, effective July 1.

We acquired a grant to purchase electroencephalography (EEG) equipment for the lab.

Dan Kral was runner up at UI's 3-minute-thesis competition. (Scroll to 44:30 to see Dan present.)

Addison Johnson has accepted an offer of admission to the Genetic Counseling program at the University of Texas Health and Science Center in Houston. UT Health is the largest medical center in the world and houses MD Anderson Cancer Center, the number one cancer treatment and research hospital in the U.S.

March 2018

Wilson Trusty has accepted an offer of admission from the clinical psychology program at Idaho State University.

Wilson Trusty was awarded the Phil Mohan Award for Academic Excellence.

Jordan Becker was awarded the William Reese Award for Research Excellence.

Teresa Moote was accepted to the 2018 Summer Workshop in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware.

January 2018

We recieved a supplemental grant for our Alexander Technique project from the American Society for Alexander Technique.

December 2017

Jordan Becker has been accepted to a competitive NIH post-bac training program.

Our Alexander Technique project was awarded its second grant from the Parkinson's Foundation for 2 classes in Washington, D.C.

November 2017

Our collaborator, Tara McIsaac, was awarded an NIH grant for her project on upper and lower limb coupling during driving in Parkinson's disease (on which Dr. Cohen is a consultant).

Presented at College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Research Mixer on Collaborative Research with Shawn Copeland.

October 2017

Jordan Becker and Dr. Cohen presented a talk entitled, "Feasibility and efficacy of group Alexander technique lessons on neck pain in office workers" at the Northwest Occupational Health Conference.

September 2017

Our collaboration with the Poise Project has resulted in a grant from the National Parkinson's Foundation to study the effects of Alexander Technique group classes on stress in care partners of people with Parkinson's disease.

Dr. Cohen gave an oral presentation entitled, "Lighten Up! A mindfulness-based approach to posture and movement in Parkinson's disease" at the 3rd annual meeting of the Inland Northwest Movement Disorder Society.

Dr. Cohen gave an invited talk entitled "Connections between cognition and posture in aging, Parkinson's disease, and neck pain" for the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Idaho and was awarded affiliate status in that department.

Dr.Cohen presented a workshop: “Cognition, Posture, and Balance: current research and tips” to a Parkinson’s disease support group, Good Samaritan Village, Moscow, ID.

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