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Signal Timing Design: Professional Practice

Engineering can occasionally seem like a double major.  You are expected to learn the theories and concepts while in school, and then how things are actually done while on the job.  In an effort to bring these two aspects of engineering together for you, we have included excerpts from real design manuals and other professional references as used by professional engineers.  This allows you to learn about the theory, but also to see how that theory is really applied.  

The professional practice materials were taken from several different design manuals and references.  The code in your area may differ somewhat from the excerpts presented here, and consequently, you should not reference these aids for any legitimate design work.

Design Process Outline
Intergreen Time
Pedestrian Crossing Time, Minimum Green Time
Capacity and Saturation Flow Rate
Peak Hour Volume, Design Flow Rate, PHF
Critical Movement or Lane
Cycle Length Determination
Green Split Calculations
Timing Adjustments
Computing Delay and LOS, Operational Analysis Outline