Instructions for interactive study lessons

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To access and close the interactive lessons

Verify that your computer system meets the required specifications and is configured correctly. Advisory | Tips
Set your browser to compatibility mode (add "" to the compatibility settings; see "internet options" settings on your browser menu)
Disable all pop-up blockers | Windows OS & Media Player required | Set your browser window to full-screen mode (F11 key)
Select a lesson - Enter your access codes as: NetID | UI VandalWeb password
*Your access codes are only required once per browser session
In the interactive lesson, select the maroon-colored with "Tips" to review the design and navigation system. As shown in the figure (left), the entire interactive lesson is controlled via the context-sensitive buttons in the lower left of the lesson.

The interactive lesson includes audio mini-lectures in the context of the visual material being viewed.

The interactive lessons require a minimum screen resolution of 1200 X 768. Before running the lesson, set your browser window to full-screen mode (function key eleven, i.e., F11) to display the entire interactive lesson. The browser can also be set to zoom in or zoom out for the best fit.


To close browser window - if it does not close after your lesson ends
Press and hold down the ALT key, then press the function key four (F4 key)
As a matter of normal computer maintenance, delete your temporary internet files from the Temporary Internet Files folder. On the browser menu bar, select
1. Tools
2. Internet Options
3. Delete
4. Select "Temporary Internet Files"
5. Delete