Prof. Eric Aston's Course List

ChE 110 Introduction to Chemical Engineering: Freshman Seminar
Fall 2003

ChE 326 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Fall)
(Koretsky, 2004, Wiley; original text:  Smith, Van Ness & Abbott, 7th Ed.)
Useful Links:
NIST Webbook
Thermo Database
 Lee & Kesler Correlations 

ChE 330 Separation Processes I (Spring)
(McCabe, Smith & Harriott, 7th Ed.)
  Multicomponent Distillation

ChE 393 Projects (Coordinated by Dr. Dave Drown)
Current Projects
Past Projects
Future Project Concepts
  • Bionanosensors
  • Polymer/composite nanowire applications
  • Modeling nanomechanics
  • Cellular imaging & spectroscopy
  • Membrane morphology
  • Polymer thin films
  • Siloxane surface chemistry modification
  • Magnetic spin-films
  • AIChE ChemE Car
  • Transport Models for Nanowire Grow
  • Biopolymer Nanowire Synthesis
  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope Design
  • Any other ideas!?

ChE H400 Microcosms (Fall 2004)
ChE H400 Microcosms & Nanotechnology (Spring 2006)
(See syllabus for texts)
Honors Program seminar Discussions on microscopic level systems and developing technological impacts to our society and culture 

Chem 404/504 Applications of Nanomaterials in Biomolecular Engineering (Spring 2008, 2009)
Lead Instructor 2009

Prof. D. McIlroy, Lead 2008

Team Taught
Chem 404/504 Application of Nanomaterials in Biomedical Engineering (Spring 2007)
Prof. Pam Shapiro, Lead Instructor
 Team Taught
ChE 404/504 Scanning Probe Microscopy (Spring 2006, 2005)
(Required: Roland Wiesendanger, Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Methods and Applications)
(2005 text: Meyer, Hug & Bennewitz, Scanning Probe Microscopy: The Lab on a Tip)

ChE 404/504 Surface Instrumentation (Spring 2004)
(Instructor's notes & Recommended: Luth's Solid Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films)
Discussion of analytical tools for colloids and surface science. 

ChE 404 Interfacial Science (Spring 2002)
(Israelachvili's Surface and Intermolecular Forces)
An independent study course, variable credit.

ChE 433/434 Chemical Engineering Labs I/II (Annually)
Spring 2009 Upcoming
Fall 2008
Manager: Alcohol Distillation
Evaluator: Membrane
Previously: Acetone Stripper

ChE 491 Senior Seminar
Fall 2002, 2005, 2007