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"Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a
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Courses taught since 2007:

MSE 507 (3 cr.), Microstructures and Defects

MSE/NE 504 (3 cr.), Nuclear Degradation Mechanisms (team-taught)               

MSE/NE J438/J538 (3 cr.), Fundamentals of Nuclear Materials

MSE/NE J437/J537 (3 cr.), Radiation Effects on Materials

MSE 313 (4 cr.), Physical Metallurgy

MSE 412 (3 cr.), Mechanical Behavior of Materials

MET/MSE 407 (3 cr.), Materials Fabrication

MET/MSE 417 (3 cr.), Instrumental Analysis

MET/MSE J421/J521 (3 cr.), Light Metals

MSE J404/J504 (3 cr.), Microstructural Design of Advanced Materials

MSE 101 (2 cr.), Introduction to Metallurgy and Materials Science (team-taught)


Note that I typically post my course documents on the UI BbLearn website (

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