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Perennials Released in February 2013 on Albany Records, Perennials presents works by American composer Daniel Dorff (see http://www.danieldorff.com). The title feature is a substantial new trio for flute, clarinet, and piano; also included are original duets for flute and clarinet (Two Cats, Three Romances, Andante con variazioni, Three Little Waltzes, and Dances and Canons), Dorff's arrangements of four Two-Part Inventions by J.S. Bach, and Pastorale (Souvenirs du Frög) for clarinet and piano. The Instrumentalist magazine calls this a "delightful CD" and wrote, "The Scott/Garrison Duo accompanied by Rajung Yang brings this music to life and sets the bar high for outstanding chamber music performance." Fanfare Magazine wrote, [Daniel Dorff’s works] “are superbly executed by the Scott-Garrison Duo, whose pleasing tonal qualities, intonation, expressiveness, and wonderful musicianship are unwavering throughout the recital.”

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Looking Back coverReleased in January 2012, this CD by Leonard Garrison and pianist Jay Mauchley features première recordings of Joseph Schwanter's monumental Looking Back for flute and piano (2009) and Vincent Persichetti's Parable for solo alto flute (1965). Also included are Samuel Barber's Canzone, Robert Beaser's Old Men Admiring Themselves in the Water, Elliott Carter's Scrivo in vento, Robert Dick's Fish Are Jumping, Donald Martino's Quodlibets, and Schwanter's Black Anemones. Cynthia Stevens wrote in The Flutist Quarterly, "For lovers for contemporary flute music, this CD provides exciting and also thoughtful selections from among our most distinguished composers of the 20th and 21st centuries… Garrison’ playing here is exquisite, particularly in the third register tonal control: pure and sweet… But it is the CD’s title selection… that makes this CD stand out… the performance sparkles… Garrison proves himself more than up to all, and pianist Jay Mauchley is a well-matched musical companion throughout.” In Fanfare Magazine, Maria Nockin wrote, "It’s another great flute recording from Leonard Garrison," and Robert Schulslaper said, "To sum up, Looking Back is an enticing, excellently performed program of 20th- to 21st-century American flute music."

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East Meets West Released in March 2011, this CD by Leonard Garrison and pianist Kay Zavislak features music by Western-influenced Asian composers (Toshio Hosokawa's Lied, Toru Takemitsu's Air, and Isang Yun's Garak) and Asian-influenced Western composers (Pierre-Octave Ferroud's Trois Pièces for solo flute, David Loeb's Scenes from the Japanese Countryside for piccolo, and Wil Offermans' Honami). Fanfare Magazine wrote, "Flutist Leonard Garrison’s basic sound is extraordinary—uncommonly rich, pure, and true. Add to this his elegantly deft articulation, his stunning mastery of extended techniques, and his probing musical insights, and this obscure and seemingly unpromising collection of pieces become an enlightening musical odyssey. In the Toshio Hosokawa and Isang Yun tracks pianist Kay Zavislak is with him hand in glove. The sound quality of this release is excellent by current standards. I could hear the upper harmonics (in excellent balance) even on the solo piccolo tracks."

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BarnDancesReleased in December 2010, this CD with the Scott/Garrison Duo and pianist Jay Mauchley features première recordings of works for flute and clarinet by John Addison, Robert Russell Bennett, Jean Cartan, Robert Dickow, Libby Larsen, Roger Nixon, Dan Welcher, Robert Wykes, and Jürg Wyttenbach. Fanfare Magazine wrote, “Shannon Scott and Leonard Garrison have put together an enticing recital of gems, all world premiere recordings, and every one of them a winner… In the hands of these two wonderful artists, more colors are evoked than one might believe possible… The consummate artistry and polished ensemble playing of the Scott/Garrison Duo as heard on this disc ought to win them many admirers.” The Flutist Quarterly said, "Larson’s Barn Dances…displays charm and a sense of humor while showcasing the formidable virtuosity both performers seem to have in spades… Not only do I thoroughly enjoy listening to every piece, so lovingly played by Shannon Scott (clarinet) and Leonard Garrison (flute), but the performers leave me wanting more. This CD is a great little collection of flute and clarinet duos, and an equally great model of superb musicianship.” The Clarinet magazine said, “One is treated to spirited performances reflective of the intuitive connection and intimate communication between the members of this well-matched pair…Throughout the CD, Scott and Garrison display agility and energy in their interpretations of these works. Their care in considering tonal quality and balance, coupled with acutely accurate intonation, contributes to the polished quality of each performance. The Duo engages in the intricate interplay of these works with virtuosic accuracy and ease…Barn Dances is particularly notable for its confident and captivating performances.”

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American ReflectionsReleased in November 2008, this CD with Leonard Garrison and pianist Jonathan Sokasits features four virtuoso modern American masterworks, including the première recording of Robert Beaser's Souvenirs for piccolo and piano, Beaser's monumental Variations for flute and piano, Lukas Foss' Three American Pieces, and Ingolf Dahl's Variations on a Swedish Folktune. The Flute Network wrote: "Garrison’s playing combines great virtuosity, superb control of musical expression, and high energy with lyricism. He makes the most difficult technical passage seem easy and extreme dynamics and wide leaps appear effortless. It is quickly evident on the Beaser Souvenirs that he is a specialist on the piccolo, and the other works show him throughout at his flutistic best with a clear, focused, and singing tone throughout the range of the instrument." Fanfare Magazine said that the "playing is strikingly idiomatic and tightly integrated... Garrison’s technique and musicianship is at a high level." American Record Guide called the CD "excellent music excellently performed... Ingolf Dahl’s 1945 Variations on a Swedish Folk Tune for solo flute is a 12-minute tour de force and shows Mr Garrison at his best."

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SuperfluteReleased in July 2005, this CD with Leonard Garrison and pianist Roger Price features music for soloist doubling on flute, alto flute and piccolo. Flute Talk magazine called it “astounding” and said, “This remarkable CD… is a great addition to the recorded flute repertoire library.” The Flute Network said "Leonard Garrison... is a flutist worthy of much wider recognition and acclaim. This outstanding recording shows that he truly deserves to wear the mantle of the 'caped crusader'. On this recording he impressively demonstrates his prowess and mastery of the techniques and difficulties of contemporary music... Garrison’s playing is sensitive and expressive while traversing the tightwire and performing the flying feats of agility required by the avant-garde style. He is just 'superior' both in brilliant technique and musicianship." The Gramophone wrote, “The title does come close to describing the challenges that Leonard Garrison surmounts throughout the 20th-century works he performs here with daring and sensitivity." Featured in the Tulsa World and on Studio Tulsa.
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This recording of The Pied Piper is available as an audio book with John Browning's poem through iTunes.

Playlist (click on track numbers for mp3 samples):


Meyer Kupferman. Superflute for solo flute with prerecorded piccolo and alto flute (1971)


Michael Colquhoun, Charanga for solo flute (1993)


Roger Price, Credo for flute and piano (2003)


Howard Sandroff, Chant de femmes for flutes and computer generated electronics (1996)

Alec Wilder, Sonata No. 1 for piccolo, flute, alto flute and piano (1961)


First Movement







Gordon Jacob, The Pied Piper for solo flute and piccolo (1958)


The Spell


The March to the River Weser

Klaus Wüsthoff, Drei Mobiles for piccolo, flute, alto flute and piano (1965)


Alto Flute Blues




Piccolo Waltz
A Festive SundayOriginally recorded in the 1980s on LP, this album of music by William Grant Still was re-relased on CD in 1996. It features Leonard Garrison, flute, Robert Umiker, clarinet, Sam Magill, cello, and Arthur Tollefson, piano, performing Still's delightful Folk Suite No. 4, a performance frequently broadcast on classical music radio stations. Available on Amazon.com and elsewhere.

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