Wu Wei


"unattached action," "action without action," "aligned in harmony with the Tao"


Tao Te Ching 68 and 69


The best warrior

               leads without haste

               fights without anger

               overcomes without confrontation

He puts himself below

               and brings out the highest in his men

This is the virtue of not confronting

               of working with the abilities you have

               of complying with the laws of Heaven

This is the ancient path that leads to perfection

The great warriors have a saying

“I dare not act as host

               but would rather be a guest

I dare not advance an inch

               but would rather retreat a foot”

So advance but do not use your feet

Seize but do not use your arms

Cut but do not use your sword

Fight but do not use your own power

There is no greater misfortune than feeling

               “I have an enemy”

For when “I” and “enemy” exist together

               there is no room left for my treasure

Thus, when two opponents meet

               the one without an enemy

               will surely triumph





Tao Te Ching  2:9-17,   47:1-8,  and 34:1-11,  78:1-13


The softest things of the world

override the hardest things of the world

That which has no substance

Enters into that which has no openings

From this I know the benefits of unattached action

The teaching without words

The benefits of action without attachment (without action)

Are rarely matched in the world (43:1-8)




"Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river"



"like water" of Nature



its qualities?





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