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Sacred Journey

Integrated Seminar 101

Scheduled of Class Topics, Assignments and Readings

Tentative, Subject to Change

August 25 thru September 8 - Class Topic: Equipping Ourselves for the Journey (5)


September 10 - Common Read Discussion and Common Read Second Reflective Write/Essay (due Sept. 18)

September 14 - Common Read Keynote Address 6:00 pm International Ballroom of the Bruce Pitman Center

September 15 - Third Reflective Write Essay (due Oct 1.)

September 18 - Common Read Second Reflective Write/Essay due.

September 15 thru October 8 - Class Topic: The Schitsu'umsh (the Coeur d'Alene) and the Apsáalooke (the Crow) and Pilgrimage to the Mountain  (8)

October 1 - Third Reflective Write Essay due

October 12 - Tipi Setup at 8:30 and Take-down at 4:00 (on lawn east of Commons; depending on weather)   Indigenous People's Day (aka Columbus Day)   Tipi Photo Gallery; printable enlargements of Crow Style Tipi and Blackfoot Style Tipi

·         Vandal Nation opening song (8:30 AM)

·         Sammy Matsaw, guest speaker

·         Rodney Frey, brief outline of tepee history and set up process

·         Tepee set up by class and interested participants.

October 12 - Study Session Monday  5-7:30 PM in the Food Court Lower Commons   Orientation   Groupings

October 13 - First Exam  - See Study Guide  


October 15 - November 5 - Class Topic: Hinduism and the Pilgrimage to Benares  (7)

October ?? -Exercise See Study Guide  (instead of written exam; oral presentation criteria)

October 27-  Visit the Librarian, and explore your research options for your Participatory Paper.   You will not meet in our classroom at 8:00 but rather in the Library Classroom, 212A.   Diane Prorak, reference librarian, will meet with us.   If you have a laptop computer, please bring it.  She will also have a sign-in sheet on which you will list some of the sources you explored in the library workshop.  Link to Resources.

November 3 - Proposal due for your Personal Quest - Participatory Paper

November 10 - Second Exam

November 12 - December 10 - Class Topics: Islam and the Pilgrimage to Mecca (7)

November 17 -  Outline draft due for your Personal Quest - Participatory Paper

November 23-27 - Fall Recess - No Classes


December 11 - Personal Quest - Participatory Paper is due by Friday December 11th by 5:00 pm in my office Phinney 116  (I'm in the office from 7:30 to 10:00 am and 1:30  to 3:00 pm)

December 18  - Course Evaluation is due (can do right now!)

December 16 - Final Exam (PDF) - See Study Guide  Can be turned in anytime earlier - hard copy or attached with e-mail.  Due by: December 16th    Time: 9:30 am      Place: my office, Phinney 116

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Syllabus Study Guide


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