Australian Aboriginal  - Ecology



Among the primary tools: wooden bowls, baskets made from Matt Rushes, and stone grinders, all the property of women, and spear throwers and spears, and boomerangs, the property of men.

Digging for a Rabbit-Bandicoot and Honey Ants.

Various Stone Tools: adze, knives, pick, boomerang, decorated axe, and method of hafting a ground axe.  Warramunga Tribe

Man with his most important tools, a spear thrower, and spears, and a adze.

Stone and bone spear points.  Warramunga Tribe

Women carrying their most important tools, a digging stick and bowl.   Women winnowing grass seed, to make into cakes.

Wood bowls.



Clothing and adornments.

Clothing for men and women.  Aranda and Anula Tribes

Necklace made of kangaroo incisor teeth.  Mara Tribe

Fishing Hooks

Bark Canoe.  Aranda Tribe

Stilted stringybark wet-season or mosquito hut in northeastern Arnhem Land (1961) and wet-season camp of roof boughs, which serves as a storage platform as well in Central Australia.


Water and Fire:  young boys gathering around a soak, and a family at rest around a fire.



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