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Campus Office Location:

Forney Hall, Room 013 (Intersection of Blake & Nez Perce)
University of Idaho

Phone: 208-885-5057

Office Hours:
Tuesday 2-3 pm and by appointment



Dr. Jamie Derrick has been employed as faculty in the Department of Psychology and Communication Studies at University of Idaho since 2001.  She has a deep commitment to offering theoretically rich courses that explore application of theories/research finding so that students can immediately utilize their learning to enrich their lives and enhance their personal well-being.  She teaches the following classes:




  • Dr. Derrick graduated from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology an M.A. in Social Psychology, and an M.A. in Sociology.  She is an alumni of University of Idaho, receiving a B.S. in Business. 
  • She had done extensive post-graduate study in Jungian Psychology, Mind/Body Psychology, and Mindfulness Practices. She is certified as a Jungian Psychologist and is certified as a mindfulness meditation facilitator UCLA medical school/Mindful Awareness Research Center.
  • Her professional work is focused on the physical/ psychological/ academic benefits of contemplative art, mindfulness and intuitive/ creative insights in college students.

  • In addition, Dr. Derrick is a licensed psychologist and maintains an independent clinical practice as a licensed psychologist.
  • Her specialty areas include:
    healthy relationships
    life transitions (moving, graduation, marriage, births & deaths, loss)
    emotional confusion
    personal meaning & development
    mindfulness practices
    exploration of intuitive material from dreams, art, and meditation 
  • She has an expertise in both cognitive (altering undermining patterns of thinking) and depth psychology (dream and creativity) and integrates body awareness, mindfulness, and practical problem-solving approaches into her clinical work.

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