Fitzroy Square

Arch 580

British Green Architecture Seminar

Spring 2022


Bruce Haglund
Carolina Manrique
Regan Campbell (TA)
Meeting Place and Time  
Alb 112, 17:00-18:30
virtual, 18:00- 19:30

During spring term at UI, students will do basic research on green building in the UK. Logistical preparations for studies abroad will be discussed. This preparatory seminar is a prerequisite to the summer's studies abroad studio offering and is intended to maximize the students’ experiences in the UK.

The Architecture London Program application was due by December 31, 2021, submitted on-line to the UI Studies Abroad coordinator in the International Programs office. 

Course Assignments

Journal. Students are required to keep a seminar class journal consisting of their class notes, research findings, sketches and drawings, illustrations, images, and other pertinent information. The assignment is intended to create a habit of journal-keeping that will continue through the summer studies abroad course. Students are encouraged to use Adobe InDesign to organize and best integrate their words and images. A PDF version of this journal is due at the end of the term on May 9, 2022.

Presentations. Students are required to give short presentations on the following topics and dates:

Green Cities: Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10
London Orientation: Feb 17, Feb 24
Discoveries: Mar 3, Mar 10
Notables: Mar 31, Apr 7
CLTs in the UK: Apr 14, Apr 21

Class Schedule

Do not print the schedule as it is liable to change as plans are finalized. See schedule.

Required Texts

  • London's Contemporary Architecture, Ken Allinson and Victoria Thornton, 6th edition, Architectural Press (eBook available)

"London is a living architectural exhibition. This tried and trusted portable guide will help you to find your way around one of the world's most exciting cities, offering architectural experiences and insights into London's finest contemporary architecture."

"A research programme and report exploring the future of green infrastructure in the design and function of cities. Cities Alive highlights the social, economic and environmental benefits of green infrastructure, including case studies of best practice from across the globe."

  • Green Cities of Europe, Timothy Beatley, Island Press. Available in PDF from the UI Library at <>.

    "That we need new models of urbanization—that is, sustainable urbanization—is especially clear here in the U.S. Where to look for new models is always a question, and as this book [GCE] argues European cities remain a powerful source of potent ideas and inspiring practice." —Tim Beatley
  • Walkable City Rules, Jeff Speck, Island Press. 

    "North America, along with much of the world, has been building and rebuilding its cities and towns quite badly for more than half a century. To do it properly would have been easy; we used to be great at it." —Jeff Speck

  • Seeing the Better City, Charles R. Wolfe, Island Press. 

"We all have within us the capacity to assess and communicate what we like and dislike about our surroundings, to respond with delight, sadness, fear, or anger, and to discover how best to improve the world around us." —Charles Wolfe

More on the book, see < and

  • A Green Cities Checklist: A Subjective Rating Rubric, B. Haglund & M. Payne.

"To meet the challenges of mitigating global climate change it is not sufficient to merely design and construct sustainable buildings. Sustainability must be attained on the neighbourhood, city, and regional scales." Download

  • 100 Projects UK CLT, Waugh Thistleton Architects

"While cross-laminated timber (CLT) appears to be finally entering the mainstream, there is considerable inertia in the construction industry that impedes the greater adoption of this truly innovative material. The benefits are clear—building in timber is quick, clean, and easy. It can be achieved with a measured accuracy and lack of noise, waste, or need for material storage space. It has notable benefits in terms of warmth, acoustics, and structural efficiency. In a world ever more concentrated in urban areas, timber is the basis for safe and healthy cities composed of exceptionally designed and responsibly constructed buildings." Download

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