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  1. Where's my course?
    Your instructor chooses when to turn on their course. Learn more »
  2. My quiz just crashed, now what?
    Restart all browser windows and login to BbLearn. Some tests are setup to allow you continue. Otherwise, contact your instructor. Learn more »
  3. Why won't my file upload?
    Ensure that there are no special characters (e.g., #%&@) in the filename and that the file name is not extremely long. If the file is large, move to a wired rather than wireless connection for a faster upload. Learn more »

Instructor Help

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  1. How can I tell if my course is working?
    The Course Review process is fairly simple with use of your Student Preview. Learn more »
  2. How do I add students and turn my course on?
    Students are automatically added 1-2 weeks before the semester starts and you need to set your course availability to "Yes" under the Turn Course ON-OFF option. Learn more »
  3. How do I put content into my course?
    You may copy a previous course's contents into the current semester or you may build from scratch. Learn more »
  4. Where is the Grade Center scroll bar?
    Mac computers need to make a quick adjustment to their system preferences to fix the scroll bar issue in the grade center. Learn more »

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