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Psychology 305  is offered every semester in the Department of Psychology.  In the Fall and Spring semesters you can take the course from Jamie Derrick (you're on her website) or Ben Barton.                           

This course is also as a web-based course in the Fall, Spring, & Summer sessions by Dr. Nekich Derrick.   

The syllabus provides the basic structure of the course.  The course explores child development from conception through early adulthood.  It covers theory and research that prepares students entering fields like education, recreation, mental health, and human services.  It also provides practical information for individuals who are, or plan to some day be, parents. 

Daily lectures are supplemented with:

  • power point presentations that structure content
  • YouTube and videotape segments to illustrate key concepts
  • weekly homework assignments for concept building
  • news stories and narrative stories taken from the instructor's clinical, teaching, and personal experience
  • extra-credit opportunities are available to enhance classroom learning


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