Gods and Goddesses of Religious Daoism


One of many local shrines.  The menorah-like structure on the top may be derivative of the character 寿 ('longevity').

There are hundreds of gods and goddess as well as "saints," "immortals" and "demigods. Historical figures noted for their bravery or virtue are also venerated and honored with their own festivals after they are apotheosized. The following list represents some commonly worshipped deities:

A statue of Guan Yu on an altar.


 Taoist Temple in Taiwan, showing elements of the Jingxiang religious practice and sculptures of Dragon and Lion guardians. Jingxiang is a ritual of offering joss incense accompanied by tea and or fruits. It is observed by a devotee holding joss incense with both hands in front of an altar at a temple or at home, mentally running the prayer or well-wishes. For added respect the devotee or descendent is expected to kneel during and after placing the joss-incense in the urn or the altar

Sun Wukong as depicted in a scene in a Beijing opera.

Zao Shen - the "Kitchen God"


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