Helpful Resources for Freight Transportation
 Listing of course components (in table)

Readings:  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16  (all are pdf format)

Unit Content  Title Activity Facilitation Plan Lectures
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Other Resource
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1 Lecture       Introduction (pptx)  
Activity 1a Mode Matrix Preparation A1a.pdf F1.pdf   ModeMatrixWorksheet.docx
Activity 1b Mode Matrix Development A1b.pdf
Lecture       Intermodal Transfers (pptx)
Lecture       Role of Supply Chains (pptx)  
Activity 2a Commodity Flow A2a.pdf F2.pdf    
Activity 2b Commodity Flows A2b.pdf      
2 Activity 3 Contemporary Freight Issues in the United States A3.pdf F3.pdf    
Activity 4 Innovations in Urban Freight Workshop A4.pdf F4.pdf    
3 Activity 5 Port of Seattle A5.pdf F5.pdf    
Activity 6 Recognizing Stakeholders and Their Role within the Freight Transportation System A6.pdf F6.pdf    
Activity 7 Beyond the Obvious A7.pdf F7.pdf    
4         Freight Performance Measures (ppt)  
5 Lecture       Freight and the Economy (pptx)  
Lecture       Freight Transportation Policy (pptx)  
Activity 8a Modal Conflict (Part 1) A8a.pdf F8.pdf    
Activity 8b Modal Conflict (Part 2) A8b.pdf
Activity 8c Modal Conflict (Part 3) A8c.pdf
6 Lecture       Aggregate Freight Modeling (pptx)  
Lecture       Regional Travel Modeling (pptx)  
Activity 9a What is the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF)? A9a.pdf F9.pdf    
Activity 9b Using the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF3) to Understand Aggregate Freight Modeling A9b.pdf      
7 Lecture       Fleet Modeling (ppt)  
Activity 10 Fleet Modeling A10.pdf F10.pdf   ActivityBaseCase.xlsm


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